New edition Ricky Bell married to singer and actress Amy Correa!

Ricky Bell has always been in the spotlight, being the founding member of New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe. The famous American R&B singer and solo artist is also the lead singer of Bell Biv DeVoe.

He is not the only veteran artist at Maison Bell. Amy Correa Bell has been his wife for 17 years. She also works in entertainment. She is a passionate singer, songwriter, actress and model.

Amy was born on May 23, 1982 in Mission Hills, California. New Edition member Ricky Bell has been Amy’s husband for almost half of her life. We have more details on the beautiful young lady who is Puerto Rican-gay, Japanese, Japanese and Jewish.


In Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts, Ricky was born on September 18, 1967. Orchard Park Projects was his home. He was the youngest of eleven children.

While Ricky may be famous for his exceptional skills in the music business, especially in the R&B genre, the singer keeps his personal life as private as possible. When he’s not working he watches sports and is a huge Boston Celtics fan.

His life is so private that not even fans knew he was battling drug addiction until BET’s “The New Edition Story”, a three-part docuseries that aired in January 2017.

Ricky’s struggle with drug addiction began in the mid-90s, according to docuseries. He almost lost his home because of his addiction. He decided to get help and has been sober for many years.


If you watched the movie “A Girl Like Grace” or “You, Me & The Circus”, you would have spotted the actress, Amy. She started her acting career at age 11 and has a few acting credits under her belt.

In addition to acting, she can sing and was part of the group Sterling And Amy. His brother Les Correa mixes and produces several of his songs. She is also a freelance artist.

Amy has always been in love with theater, travel, fashion, experiencing the best the world has to offer and photography, but what has always stolen the show in her heart is her love for writing and musical performance.

Her creative side allowed her to express herself fully. In the fall of 2018, she released her “AMY818 EP”, along with the single “Fuck It I’m Good”.


Marrying your best friend is always living your best life! This is the case with Ricky and Amy as they celebrate 17 years stronger. Although their relationship has not been without its ups and downs, they have relied on their faith in God and in each other to overcome them.

In addition to supporting each other, they know how to have fun, enjoy date nights, try new things and are always ready to pose for their cameras.

Ricky and Amy dated for six years, and in 2004 they tied the knot on Ricky’s birthday, September 18. Their wedding ceremony with members of the New Edition as groomsmen took place at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Ray.

It was a special triple wedding as Ricky and Amber married New Edition’s Ralph Tresvant.

Fourteen years after their marriage, even though they are both singers, the couple decided to embark on their first duet, an acoustic love song performed by Meagan Good, and they named it “Gold”.

The song pays homage to their love story and mutual dedication. It highlights the beauty of their marriage while showing that their love runs deep – regardless of the years, their passion for each other remains.

The couple who maintain a private life have decided to share a part of their life with their various fans. Ricky heard Amy’s passion and knew it was time for them to do a song together.

Their relationship grew stronger because of their shared passion. When they first started dating, they promised to work together through any issues. Breaking up was not an option.

Although the journey was not easy, they learned to seek help. They are now able to see past the injuries and realize that they are both partners in crime and best friends.

They are rooted in the faith and understand that not everyone is able to do everything. They see their marriage as their ministry and are determined to continue to make a difference in their team life.


Ricky has been a true fan of the R&B musical genre from a young age, and his fascination with the musical genre led him to form a music group called “Ricky and Ralph” with his friend Ralph Tresvant.

Gradually, their exceptional competence in the music business led to the group’s expansion into what is now known as the “New Edition”, with Michael Bivins, Ronnie DeVoe and Bobby Brown joining the group.

The group was formed in 1983. They have been one of the most successful music groups for over 30 years. Johnny Gill, the sixth member of New Edition, replaced Bobby Brown.

After Brown left, Ricky said it was just a business decision because Brown wanted to go solo for a long time. He said Brown was not mad at Ricky and would continue to work with him.

In 2017, the band got to tell their story in BET’s “The New Edition Story”, a three-part biopic that followed the supergroup’s musical journey.

To make sure the plot was authentic, Ronnie DeVoe and Brown, Michael Bivins (Rachel Tresvant), Ralph Tresvant (Johnny Gill) and Ricky served as producers.

Some members of the New Edition group have split up. Three members formed the hip-hop tour de force group Bell Biv DeVoe. The last names of the members who make up this new group, also known as BBD, are combined to create the new group.

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