New BTS video: J-Hope fears the future, V realized he was famous after getting discount

Interviews and BTS games are nothing short of a treat for the ARMY. The popular K-Pop group, comprising RM, Jin, Suga, V, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook opened up about their lives and struggles to their fans (of course, not so much their love life). Their close friendship and brotherhood is also darling. In the latest game show hosted by Vanity Fair, the team played a game about how they know each other.

During the game, the members of BTS were asked questions about themselves and they wrote down the answers, only to check if the other members had guessed correctly. There have been many special moments, including RM revealing that his favorite feature film was his height, Suga wouldn’t like to re-record a song because he thinks it’s “all part of the journey”.

RM also revealed that his favorite singer was Nas, and rapped a few lines from one of his songs. The rest of the members were quite astonished as it was the first time they had heard him rapping Nas songs.

J-Hope was asked about his biggest fear he responded in the future, saying he wanted to give a deep answer for once. V was asked when he realized he was famous, apparently that’s when he got a discount. The boys had to guess Jin’s favorite song to dance to, and Jimin immediately said, “Permission To Dance!” Jin replied, “How can you give such a generic answer?” The real answer was a song called Jin, which the singer said he liked because it was named after him. The boys also had to guess what Jimin talked about the most, and apparently it worked.

It’s been an epic year for BTS, as they’ve seen their single Butter rage the Billboard charts, occasionally swapping with Permission To Dance.

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