Right now, Naomi Osaka is the biggest name in the tennis world, however, she always seems to be at the center of some kind of controversy. From not wanting to speak to the press to various injuries that kept her out of competition, Osaka has been through this ordeal.

Recently, however, it looked like things were going well for the young star as she announced a brand new media venture with LeBron James called ‘Hana Kuma’. This new venture will help bring new stories to the fore, and based on the posts below, LeBron and Osaka seemed excited for the opportunity.

Shortly after announcing the name of this company, Osaka found herself in hot water with Swahili speakers. It’s a language spoken by 200 million people, and it turns out that Hana Kuma means “woman without a vagina” in Swahili. In native Osaka Japanese, the phrase means “Flower Bear”, and it’s clear that the name was quite personal to him.

Despite this, Osaka was still prone to jokes and teasing over her name. There were a lot of memes to go through, and one person even said “I woke up HanaKuma trending, only to realize it’s a media station started by tennis star Naomi Osaka. And it’s the Kenyans who have taken up their global responsibility to spread the world and loudly wonder about it.”

As of now, there are no plans to change her name, however, if the backlash and memes continue, she may not have a choice.