Nandi Bushell Covers Eminem’s ‘Rap God’: Watch

It’s been a minute since Nandi Bushell shared one of her viral drum covers, but she got back to practicing this weekend playing along to Eminem’s “Rap God.” Watch the video below.

In the video’s caption, Bushell said she was “working on my speed and consistency,” so it makes sense she chose Eminem’s rapid-fire track in 2013. As always, the child drummer handles the song with ease and confidence, twirling and tossing one drumstick while playing the other and never losing his footing on the bass drum. Elsewhere in her caption, she shouted out HAL, the drummer for Japanese rock band CVLTE who has also achieved some internet fame in recent years.

In addition to performing songs by Rush and John Coltrane, Bushell went beyond just covers and began writing her first album of original music. In September, she shared the origins of her debut single “The Shadows” and discussed her rise to fame. The precocious entertainer also joined Shane Hawkins and Violet Grohl to perform at the Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins tribute concert in London.

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