Miso Extra smashes its first-ever festival set at The Great Escape 2022

Making her very first festival appearance since bursting onto the scene in late 2021, Extra Miso performed his own brand of ‘good vibes only’ hip-hop melodies to a packed crowd in Brighton’s seafront arches as part of this year’s Great Escape Festival.

Kicking off the set with his first single The Adventures of Tricky ‘N’ DukeMiso’s light and infectious aura set the mood for the 30-minute set as she unleashed her combo of experimental bedroom beats and dreamy hybrid English and Japanese vocals and rap.

Still new to the live stage, having performed in front of a crowd only a handful of times, Miso looked home at center stage, urging the crowd to get into the groove and enjoy this pinnacle moment of her young career.

Her ability to switch effortlessly between flawless Japanese and English rap flows and smooth sung choruses is one of her greatest assets, a skill that was in the spotlight tonight as she stalked the set without missing a beat. single beat.

chill dance bop Fried got the crowd moving one last time by tossing inflatable soccer balls loaded with Miso Extra stickers into the crowd for the final send off.

With only 5 tracks to their name so far, Miso Extra is still in their infancy, but this festival appearance served as the perfect introduction to one of the most up-and-coming artists of the year.

Photos by Charles Berger

Miso Extra Great Escape Festival 2022
Miso Extra Great Escape Festival 2022
Miso Extra Great Escape Festival 2022
Miso Extra Great Escape Festival 2022

Miso Extra Great Taste EP cover

Extra Miso
Good taste

Release date: 04/01/2022
Label: Creative Beatnik
Listen on: Spotify | Apple Music

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