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Microsoft – Sinister Microsoft Patent lets Chatbot AI imitate lifeless individuals

As future technological developments intensify, the capabilities of these innovations continue to evolve as well. And in the case of improving synthetic intelligence, there have already been major improvements to make it a standard reality.

When it comes to games, companies like Digital Arts and its AI patent have been working to bring AI into the world of video games to make gaming NPCs more responsive. Now, Microsoft acquired a patent to develop expertise in AI in a unique way.

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MicrosoftThe artificial intelligence enhancement patent plan of “Create a Specific Person Conversational Chatbot” is to build chatbot applications primarily based on the private data of lifeless people. In doing so, the company would have the possibility of endlessly protecting the memories of family members in the digital realm.

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The replacement program works by analyzing various sources of information from lifeless people such as: photos, voice information, social media posts, digital messages and various private data. This system would have the ability to look at photos of individuals and create 2D or 3D photos to embody the AI ​​program. Not only family members, but this system would also have the ability to copy fictional characters, celebrities and historical figures. What if people really need it Microsoft says they will have the opportunity to practice AI to repeat their own essence on the occasion of their death.

This improvement is already a reality for some. In October 2020, Kanye West purchased an AI hologram from Kim Kardashian’s father for his 40th birthday. Throughout the dialogue with her AI father, she spoke as Robert Kardashian and insisted that Kim become a lawyer and carry on her legacy. In another incident, Eugenia Kuyda, one of the many co-founders of an expert firm called Luka, also developed an AI program mostly based on 8,000 traces of text messages from her friend who was transferred. . And while Kuyda said the expertise is not good, it has already improved significantly compared to the AI ​​experience a year ago.

There are many ethical questions surrounding this situation, and there are many TV shows and movies that deal with this idea as well. One can conjure up the concept of how it protects the memories of family members and creeps into the psyche of historical figures. Others may say it’s not really them and it can cause huge identity theft issues. In the end, it will be Microsoftresponsibility to prevent themselves and the general public from abusing this expertise and immersing the world in real life Terminator movie.

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