Meet the new starters for ‘Pokémon Scarlet’ and ‘Violet’

The ninth generation of Pokémon was announced on Sunday (February 27) during Pokémon Presents and people have already lost it because of the new look. The twin games called Pokémon Scarlet and Violet seem to feature Pokémon from almost every generation and are due out before the end of this year.

Of all the Pokemon revealed, fans were the most excited to see the three new starter Pokemon. They follow the usual Grass, Fire, and Water types, and the typical trio of Overgrow, Blaze, and Torrent abilities. However, for the first time in the franchise, it seems like every ‘mon already has its own equally large and rabid fan base. So let’s take an in-depth look at our three future babies.

Those who haven’t met the sweet angels yet can see them in the trailer here.

The grass starter is Sprigatito. The official website describes it as “The temperamental, attention-seeking Grass Cat Pokemon”. The Spanish frame of this generation gives us a clue to their English names. His name is a mixture of ‘brin’ and ‘gatito’ the Spanish for kitten. The Japanese Nyaoha also has a Spanish root, mixing ‘nya’ the Japanese for meow, with ‘oha’ small leaf. The “oha” part also has the same sound as “hoja” in Spanish for leaf.

While the cutsey look of our grass kitten hints that the final evolution is a dual grass and fairy type, there are other possibilities. The pattern on Sprigatito’s face and chest resembles cactus leaves. With the desert featured in the trailer, it could also be hinting at a dual type of grass and ground or rock.

The fire starter FuecocoThe name ‘is derived from the Spanish ‘fuego’ for fire and ‘cocodrilo’ which means crocodile. The Japanese name Hogeta mixes Japanese “ho” for fire with English gator. “Hoge” is also the sound a confused person alludes to about their silly personality. It’s officially described as “the laid-back Fire Croc Pokémon that does things at its own pace.”

Fuecoco can be called a crocodile, but many have noticed that it looks like a dragon. Particularly to the dragons featured in Bobble Puzzle. This of course suggests that the final evolution could be fire and dragon typing. However, the shape and type make it look like a chili pepper, so the other theory could be the fire and grass type Pokemon not yet seen.

The final starter is the water type Quaxly. It is the only starter that does not have a clear Spanish root although some have speculated that it mixes the quack of a duck with a sound similar to “aqua” meaning water. The Japanese description is a pun, leading fans to believe it’s based on a type of little blue-footed duck called Eurasian Teal. It is described as “The serious and tidy Duckling Pokemon”.

Being a duck, the obvious typing for final evolution seems to be water and flight, but we’ve seen a few examples of that already. Quaxly’s hair has been interpreted as a sort of sailor’s or pirate’s hat, evoking thoughts of water and ghosts. The other most likely idea refers to Spanish influences. Quaxly’s hat and stance give the appearance of a matador, suggesting water and fighting as the final type.

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