meet the aspiring K-pop boyband who is “here to conquer this world”

IIt makes sense that racing is the concept that has stuck with CRAVITY in the 17 months since their debut. The latest group unveiled by Starship Entertainment, home of MONSTA X and WJSN, the nine-member boy band wasted no time in reaching pole position and earning the super rookie title along the way.

The theme first appeared in their third mini album, “Hideout: Be Our Voice”, which was released in January 2021. But despite this record concluding this series, it continues in their first full album “The Awakening: Written In The Stars. ‘Their title track,’ Gas Pedal ‘Cruising Freshness, describes their race to the top, full of lyrics that clearly show this band – consisting of Serim, Allen, Jungmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung and Seongmin – are not “press the brake” in pursuit of their dreams.

Minhee, Serim and Hyeongjun from Cravity. Credit: Starship Entertainment

“I would say we’re growing at a pretty fast pace,” lead dancer and lead rapper Allen said on a Zoom call just before the release of “The Awakening”. Their assessment of CRAVITY’s track record so far is based on the comments and feedback they’ve seen online from fans and non-fans alike. “[They say] “These guys are barely a year old rookies and they don’t look like rookies at all, that’s not rookie behavior.” I’m just really thankful that we are recognized and recognized in this way. With a casual shrug, he adjusts his previous analysis: “I wouldn’t say we’re going fast or slow, we’re just going at our own pace.

The pace of CRAVITY, however, has been incredibly fast so far. It only took them until their first comeback to secure their first victory on a music show with ‘Flame’, while at last year’s awards show they took home five rookie awards despite tough competition. Outside of Korea, they also did a quick job of gaining an international audience – at their virtual fan meeting in October 2020, members of their LUVITY fanbase connected from 126 countries.

Part of the appeal of CRAVITY is the messages they pour into their contagious, upbeat and inventive songs. You will be hard pressed to spend more than a few minutes on one of their records without being faced with lines full of confidence and poise. ‘The Awakening’ is no different – “They tell me the sky is the limit / But I’m by satellites,” Allen and frontman Serim coldly brag about the seething euphoria of ‘Celebrate’. On the irresistible swagger of ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ too, they swear to ‘do anything [we] want to do. ”“ It makes it clear that we’re here to take over this world, ”Allen said with a smile.

crave awakening written in the stars interview with rising k-pop boyband
Seongmin, Jungmo and Taeyoung from Cravity. Credit: Starship Entertainment

While such lyrics likely had an impact on their fans, they’ve benefited their creators as well – not that they’ve needed a lot of help building their confidence until now. “We have always been confident in ourselves from the start and I know personally that I can do anything if I am with my members,” lead singer Woobin says calmly. “But it is also true that our words have helped us not to lose that confidence.”

On ‘The Awakening’, CRAVITY sounds even more confident than before, displaying a band that improves rapidly with every release and quickly becomes one of K-pop‘s most trusted bands when it comes to big tracks. . “It clearly shows that we are moving forward and what we have achieved so far,” notes singer Taeyoung of their new album, while dual-threat lead singer and dancer Wonjin believes they have “become more mature artists “since their first releases.

This maturity is manifested not only in their performances, but also in their composition and attitude towards this facet of the group. Wonjin, Serim and Allen were all involved in the writing process of the previous releases, the latter two also contributing to the “Gas Pedal” album from “The Awakening”. Having a hand in their creative output is important to them not only because they feel it will help them “show our best sides,” as Allen says, but help them develop their bond with LUVITY. “When we contribute to our music ourselves, I feel like we get closer to our fans and they will appreciate it more because it comes directly from the artist,” he explains.

Like the growing number of self-produced and created K-pop groups, CRAVITY hopes to get even more involved with their records as they grow. “We would like to be seen as K-pop idols who can be very creative and artistic when it comes to making music,” says maknae Seongmin of the group. Wonjin, meanwhile, suggests another dream: “I’m pretty sure one day we’ll be able to release an album with all of our names in the credits. It’s a comment that elicits smiles and nods from all of his bandmates.

While they made it easy from day one, CRAVITY’s experience of idol life so far has come with an unexpected hurdle in the form of the pandemic. Where in normal times they would now have traveled the world and connecting with new and old fans in person, instead, they’ve been stuck at home and have instead built that relationship online. “To be honest, it was not easy to adapt to this environment [especially] as our emotions towards LUVITY grow more and more, ”Allen agrees. “But we have learned how important our fans are and not to take their love and support for granted. It makes us work even harder so that when we actually meet LUVITY, they will be in awe.

crave awakening written in the stars interview with rising k-pop boyband
Allen, Wonjin and Woobin from Cravity. Credit: Starship Entertainment

However, not everything was pessimistic – the silver lining was a reinforcement of the group’s own union. “Due to the situation, we as members have more time together,” says singer Minhee. “So I feel like because of that we all got closer to each other. This is a perfect example of the positivity and determination of CRAVITY that shines even in the most difficult and unpredictable situations.

As ‘The Awakening’ proves, this is a group that is clearly destined for greatness and generally they are more than ready for what lies ahead. On their first track “Break All The Rules” Allen rapped: “I will be what I want to be / I paint my future as I see it.” “For our performances, the gesture I made for this part was to draw a star,” he remembers now. “Because I imagine our future is really bright and full of energy, and I want to share it with our fans and let them know that we will have the same future as long as we stay together.” Better join the CRAVITY team now before they leave us all in their dust.

CRAVITY’s “The Awakening: Written In The Stars” is now available.

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