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From Shea Stadium to SNL.” This is how a Japanese breakfast fan summed up the news that the group would be performing on the May 21 episode of saturday night live, referencing Shea Stadium, the DIY venue in Brooklyn. Japanese breakfast, led by michelle zauner, have been part of the indie rock scene since their first recordings were posted on Tumblr in 2013. Seeing the band perform at Studio 8H at 40 Rockefeller Plaza is a feat worth celebrating. For those who don’t know, here’s what you need to know about Japanese breakfast.

Japanese Breakfast is an indie rock band

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Led by Zauner, a Korean-American, the Japanese breakfast started in May 2013 when Michelle sat down with the musician Rachel Gagliardi about “feeling creatively stuck”. Michelle suggested that she and Rachel “create a blog” where they “wrote, recorded, and posted a song every day for the month of June.” The blog appeared two days later. This would mark the first recordings under the Japanese Breakfast name. In 2016, the project released its first album, Psychopomp.

The group released Sweet sounds from another planet in 2017. The band’s third album, Jubilee, arrived in 2021 to critical acclaim. It was placed at the top of many “Best Of 2021” year-end lists and reached No. 56 on the Billboard 200.

So where does the name come from? “I think I just wanted something that sounded a little odd, like something that sounded really American and well-known, like breakfast, and combine it with something that I think Americans just associate with something… ‘exotic or foreign,” Michelle said. teen vogue in 2017. “I thought it would make people curious, like, ‘What is a Japanese breakfast?’ The Japanese breakfast is quite beautiful and I really enjoy it. I think I was just looking at some pictures one day and I was like, “Oh, I’m just going to release this album under that name.”

Michelle Zauner was in a band called Little Big League

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“I started writing music when I was 16,” Michelle said. teen vogue in 2017. “I had like a solo project, and I had a girl group in college for a few years. Then I was in a band called little big league for about three or four years. Formed in 2011, Little Big League incorporated elements of alternative rock, lo-fi and garage into their sound. The group has released two albums – They are good people and tropical jinx – which featured Michelle on vocals and guitar.

“Then my mom got sick, so I moved back to Oregon to take care of her, and kind of put the band on indefinite hiatus,” Michelle said. Teen vogue. “Unfortunately she passed away, and while I was in Oregon helping to take care of the house and being a support system for my dad, the only way to have anything for me was to create my own. disc. So I kind of took the time to do it. That’s how I did Psychopomp.”

Japanese Breakfast was nominated for “Best New Artist” in 2022

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Japanese breakfast Jubilee was released on Dead Oceans, an independent label that released music by Khruangbin, Bright Eyes, Destroyer, Toro y Moi, Mitski, Dirty Projectors, and Phoebe Bridger, Just to name a few.

For indie rock fans, this is an A-lister lineup. However, many people – including the Recording Academy – are unaware of these artists, especially Japanese Breakfast. The group somehow earned a nomination for Best New Artist at the 2022 Grammy Awards, despite having been around for almost a decade. They were nominated alongside jimmy allen and glass animals, both established music acts in their own right.

Jubilee also scored a nomination for Best Alternative Album but lost to St. Vincent daddy’s house.

Curiously, Machine Gun Kelly I also didn’t know which Japanese breakfast was when rolling stone published an article comparing his album cover, General public salefor Jubilee. “The feud of the year 2022,” she tweeted while sharing the March 14 post. MGK replied, “So should we beef over the tomato (sic) or… should I thank them for introducing me to your album because I just listened to it and I really like it.” Michelle replied: “Thank you [tomato]s,” prompting the indie rock band The best coast to respond with the way they “screamed”.

“I don’t think it looks like my album cover at all,” she said. Fork“but I think it’s very funny that Rolling Stone published an article about it just because there’s a circular fruit in the foreground. I mean, it’s people throwing tomatoes at it, and mine are persimmons hanging peacefully around me, so I think they’re very different concepts.

Michelle loves her fender


In the spring of 2022, Michelle partnered with Fender to release the Player Plus Meteora HH guitar. Michelle is an avid Fender fan, and teaming up with the brand for the latest model in Fender’s 75-year legacy was a no-brainer.

“I play on a Fender Jazzmaster. It’s not, like, vintage, or anything. It’s a new Fender Jazzmaster, and I really like it,” she said. guitar world. “I was really intimidated by the Jazzmaster for a while because it’s a bigger guitar and I’m a pretty short person.”

Michelle’s memoir is going to be made into a movie

In addition to hosting Japanese Breakfast, Michelle is a New York Times best-selling author. his memoirs, Crying in H Martdetails his experiences as one of the few Asian-American children at his school in Oregon, per Hollywood journalist, who adds: “Central to her story is Zauner’s relationship with her mother, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, how much Zauner relates to her identity both as a daughter and as a Korean American.” In July 2021, MGM’s Orion Pictures picked up the rights to the memoir, with Stacey Sher and Jason Kim on board to produce.

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