“Marry Me” is a romantic comedy tailor-made for J.Lo

It’s refreshing to see Jennifer Lopez making a comeback in the rom-com fold, playing a character that has meaning for her: a global pop superstar.

But it’s not just a professional life Lopez shares with her character, Kat Valdez, on “Marry Me.” She brings authenticity to her portrayal, and that’s a good thing.

Superstar Kat and Bastian (Colombian pop singer Maluma) are supposed to have a huge concert before taking their wedding vows. But she is publicly humiliated when she discovers Bastian’s infidelity, an illicit kiss filmed.

In a moment of desperation, Kat sees a sign in the crowd, held by math teacher and single father, Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson) reading “Marry Me?” She says yes and the two get married on stage, at first sight, in front of the whole world.

As Kat and Charlie try to maintain their dignity, they grapple with the high visibility expectations placed on Kat and the new attention Charlie doesn’t want.

Although the situation is far from realistic, “Marry Me” is dynamically directed by Kat Coiro, fast-paced and emotionally grounded. The belief in the power of love, not that it conquers all, but that it can and will bloom again, is the beating heart of the film, which is otherwise a frothy, deeply silly romantic comedy.

‘Marry me’

** 12 out of 4 stars

Evaluation: PG-13 for suggestive language and material.

Or: In theaters and streaming on Peacock Friday.

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