LiSA’s Documentary ‘LiSA Another Great Day’ To Receive Global Netflix Release

Lisa will go down in history with the release of his next documentary titled “LiSA Another great day“. This will be the very first time that a Japanese solo artist has released a project solely produced by Netflix.

The documentary will provide an intimate behind-the-scenes look at her 10th anniversary project “LiiiiiiiiiiSA”, which kicked off in April 2021. LiSA has achieved a strong fan base largely thanks in large part to numerous ties to anime, her latest single”Akeboshi / Shiroganeserved as the opening and ending theme to the hugely popular Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

The film was directed by Taketoshi Sado and will also look at the various ups and downs of his career, while still managing to be in top form 10 years later.

LiSA is a superstar, but she’s also an ordinary person who experiences anxiety in her daily life,” shares Sado. “Problems seem to follow her everywhere for some reason as she works, but I can always relate to how she overcomes these problems and continues to grow day by day. It is with great pleasure that I share his true face with Netflix viewers around the world.”

LiSA Another Great Day is slated for release in Fall 2022. You can currently set a reminder for the movie’s release on Netflix.


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