Link2Gain and Fanverse are teaming up to promote K-POP NFT assets and communities for massive online exposure. and Fanverse are pleased to announce that they have entered into a development and distribution partnership which will give Link2Gain the exclusive rights to market and sell various digital content generated by Fanverse’s Social Digital platform throughout the European region. .

The partnership agreement that combines the Fanverse Social NFT platform and Link2Gain’s revolutionary digital media and marketing platform brings synergies and benefits to all content creators and fan communities around the world.

Link2Gain is a powerful AI-driven digital media and marketing platform to help artists, influencers, athletes, projects and businesses create stunning promotion campaigns and publish them instantly to thousands of sites Web of news, blogs, slideshows, podcasts and videos.

Fanverse is equipped with several key features to connect the entertainment market and the crypto market. These features were designed to add value to other well-known entertainment marketplaces such as famous artists and cartoons, as well as support for decentralized fandom formation, value dissemination and crowdfunding among the first artists.

Its NFT marketplace is designed to promote all kinds of content creators of the world and its unique fans sharing joy with the world, such as collaborating with K-POP groups by creating their NFT. All kinds of NFTs, Digital Arts, Fans, Social Tokens, Games, Charities, and Metaverses can be freely shared on the Fanverse platform; not only to manufacture products such as concert tickets and merchandise, but also to conduct airline marketing and organize various social media and organized events on the fan community.

As such, the partnership between Link2Gain and Fanverse will generate unlimited opportunities for creators to promote their names and activities such as the sale of NFTs and tickets, and the expansion of fans and communities stimulated by the powerful platform of Link2Gain digital media and marketing.

Mark Hwang, CEO of Fanverse, pointed out during the interview that “Partnering with Link2Gain will not only expand our market from Asia to Europe, but also become a powerful catalyst for all creators, artists, fans, owners of projects on the Fanverse Platform to spread their names around the world. We are thrilled and excited about our exclusive partnership which will provide our Fanverse platform with unlimited opportunities.” “Together, working as one team, we will unlock the full potential of creating the new future of entertainment.”

Meraj Siraj, CEO of Link2Gain continued,

“Link2Gain will help Fanverse create the superstars of tomorrow by promoting and growing the brands of artists who issue their NFTs on the Fanverse NFT platform. The synergy of two powerful platforms; Link2Gain and Fanverse, will be massive and revolutionary. We are amazed by the chemistry of these two independent platforms. “Link2Gain will help build a strong and fast reputation for all content on Fanverse.”

Fanverse’s NFT project caught the public eye featured by MBC, Korea’s three major broadcast channels in February 2022, which was the first time NFT was officially introduced in Korean mainstream media.

About us: About Fanverse: www.fanverse.marketFanverse is a new NFT social platform for fans around the world. Fanverse creates various forms of NFT ecosystem such as digital art fans/social tokens, games, donations, and metaverse through the convergence of community, blockchain, and NFT technologies. Additionally, Fanverse aims to provide innovative modules that not only publish and trade NFTs, but also allow anyone to publish their own social/fandom tokens, as well as content creators and fandom communities to share a variety of incentives. Since the launch of the project in 2021, the project has achieved several key milestones including issuing FT tokens used for payment, service fees, voting, staking and other functions provided within the platform. forms Fanverse to various business partnerships with entertainment companies and streaming companies. Twitter: Link2Gain: Link2Gain was founded out of a passion for collaboration between Swedish creativity and Japanese technology with 30 years of experience in media, public relations, marketing, advertising, the Internet and related fields. Link2Gain focuses on combined digital marketing, public relations and media activities to achieve tangible results for clients. This includes, but is not limited to, social media, backlink building, keyword research, competitor analysis, and content marketing. AI technology.

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