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It has long been feared that the loop problems of the latest HDMI 2.1 format coupled with the big step forward in graphics quality provided by the next technology in PCs and video game consoles could trigger critical compatibility points. And sadly, one of the crux of the next-gen combos, Nvidia’s new RTX 30 graphics playing cards and LG’s 2019 and 2020 OLED TVs, has fallen on the first hurdle.
Owners of every OLED in the LG 9 and X collection report that TVs do not properly handle the best high-quality outputs of their new RTX 30 Sequence playing cards – although, on paper no less than, they need it. . In truth, LG has generally talked about the gaming potential of its current OLED TVs, as allowed for the excessive bandwidth assistance of 48 Gbps HDMIs on its 2019 Collection 9 OLEDs and 40 Gbps HDMIs. of its OLEDs from the X 2020 collection.
The 2 fundamental problems reported seem to be as follows. First, customers in every LG OLED 9 and X collection report a complete lack of image (a black display screen) when attempting to use Nvidia’s G-Sync variable refresh fee expertise. at 120Hz body loads. This happens regardless of the bit depth or decision you select.

The LG OLEDCX, like all OLEDs in LG’s X collection, has points with the latest Nvidia graphics cards.
Photography: LG
The second problem seems to be limited to the X collection models and finds that TVs lower the alert output in RGB / 120Hz / 4: 4: Four to 4: 2: 2 chroma subsampling. This happens regardless of whether or not you have G-Sync animated or not, or what output decision you choose. And it ends with a noticeable degradation of the image – as evidenced by the examples I was kindly allowed to reproduce here by Twitter consumer Sixi82.
There is some evidence to recommend that the downside of the black display screen with G-Sync at 120Hz may not be limited to OLED TVs equipped with LG’s HDMI 2.1, and therefore could be an issue with all new ones. Nvidia playing cards. Or maybe even the current HDMI cables, provided there are currently none that have been officially certified for two.1 from HDMI.org.

The results of the downsampling problem being qualified on LG’s X sequence (first row 60 Hz, in case you are … [+] struggling to learn the settings, backside row 120Hz)
Photography: consumer Twitter @ Sixi82
The second issue, however, only seems to influence the X Collection OLED customers, and not the individual displays and displays. It made me marvel if it has anything to do with the X collection using HDMI 2.1 ports with lower bandwidths of 40 Gbps compared to the 48 Gbps ports discovered on the 9 OLED collection. Still, the 40 Gbps “restriction” should theoretically only influence 12-bit video, but it appears that downsampling also occurs with 10 and even 8-bit power alerts.
It’s worth stating that while the issues reported below are actually irritating and seem like another kick in the tooth for the first-time user market (really very essential), most TVs from most Different manufacturers can’t even reach the breadth of HDMI 2.1-related gaming options that LG’s 9 and X Collection OLEDs can. So these (hopefully fixable) startup issues should perhaps be seen in the context of some laudable, forward-thinking ambition on LG’s part, as it tried to move forward without really having finished the products to verify its avant-garde ambitions. towards.

The RTX 3080 inflicts points on LG TVs.
Photography: Nvidia
That doesn’t make the issues much less irritating, though, in fact. Especially given the scale of funding needed to collectively build an innovative gaming system like those mentioned here. Additionally, you might have to think that LG and Nvidia would have been actively working together to ensure compatibility long before the RTX 30 went on sale.
I have raised each of the issues mentioned in this article with LG and can report again after they have had a chance to review them for themselves. Expertise means that LG usually responds to such queries and can ultimately send a response – if possible. So tune in to my Forbes channel or the Twitter account linked at the end of this text for additional updates.

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