Kyle Jamieson – “If Lord still has those shrimp, there could be full stomachs on the pitch”

This interview was conducted ahead of New Zealand’s England test series

What is your favorite meal ?
Probably Italian. There is a place my partner and I go to in Auckland that cooks delicious duck risotto.

What about cooking – do you specialize in cooking?
Over the past two years, I’ve tended to go the extra mile by going to restaurants and taking advantage of someone else’s expertise rather than my own. Especially when we travel a lot, you have the chance to try new places and different kinds of food.

Which cricket hall has the best catering?
I think a lot of people would say Lord’s but I’ll go either Hagley Oval or Bay Oval.

What exceeds that of Lord?
It’s in New Zealand (Laughs). Yeah, I think it’s probably just being home – you’re discovering these places a little bit more. I’ve only been to Lord’s once, so maybe that will change in a few weeks. But I’m happy to stick to country food.

Was there anything Lord did well when you went there in 2021?
I remember having had prawns as a starter and they were exceptional. I don’t remember what sauce there was with them, but if we still have them, there might be full stomachs on the ground after lunch.

Which teammate is the best in the kitchen?
Matt Henry. He cooks very good dishes. I think he would probably be up there.

Does it make good pasta?
I’m not sure, he didn’t really cook for me! But he’s not afraid to send some snaps about it.

Who is the biggest coffee hipster?
It’s hard to get past ticks [Blair Tickner] – he has his own cafe. But I think most guys tend to enjoy their coffee. Everyone has their own coffee machine at home. We’ve had some really good beers since we’ve been here [in the UK], as part of our walk to the ground. It’s probably hard to find someone who doesn’t like coffee, rather than the other way around.

Is there something you can’t go on tour without?
We traveled with coffee beans last year and small AeroPresses to make our coffees, but didn’t have to do that on tour this year – we were able to go out and have one. I wouldn’t say there are too many, food-wise. I’m quite happy to get out there and try things from where we are in the world.

What fast food can you get away with eating as an international cricketer?
I think burgers are probably the biggest hit among guys, especially after a day of bowling. You go for a burger and fries, maybe even a shake. This tends to be the benchmark, especially among fast bowlers.

The best place to eat a burger?
There are a few places in Christchurch, Bacon Bros and Shaka Bros, they are pretty good. burger burger [too]. There are a number of options, so we tend to browse through them.

Have you heard of The Rock’s “cheat days”? What would you have on yours?

I would love to have some of his pancakes or waffles. They are exceptional. He’s a fit guy. I think he burns a few more calories than me. Probably again I will make Italian, pizza or pasta.

What’s your favorite post-workout snack?
We usually have protein shakes, but I don’t mind having sushi. I usually work out in the gym early in the morning, so maybe I have sushi around noon. Not that it’s specific to gym stuff but I often go for Japanese.

Is there anything you had to cut out of your diet?
I really don’t shy away from it too much. But I definitely stay away from tomatoes – I just don’t like them. I don’t mind mixed tomatoes, but I don’t like whole tomatoes.

Alan Gardner is associate editor at ESPNcricinfo. @alanroderick

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