Korean internet users pick the most versatile K-pop idols


In a community forum, Korean netizens selected K-pop idols they believed were multi-talented on stage. Want to know who they chose? So read on!

1. G-Dragon from BIGBANG

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G-Dragon is widely known as the “King of K-Pop“. The singer of “Crayon” is known not only as an idol, but as a songwriter and record producer. G-Dragon mainly focuses on hip-hop and rap, but is known to dabble in electronic music and other diverse genres. In addition, G-Dragon is an entrepreneur and a fashion designer.

2. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon


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Not only Taeyeon active as a member of the “Nation’s Girl Group“, but she is also one of the best-selling solo artists in South Korea. She was known as the “representative singer of popular OSTs” during her early solo years due to her ballads for dramas. Her moving voice is critically acclaimed in the industry. A Janelle Okwodu from Vogue even described Taeyeon as “the Beyonce of the girl generation”.

3. Taemin from SHINee


(Photo: 위드 태민 :: WithTaemin 随行 (Wikimedia Commons))

Taemin debuted at just fourteen, and his impact as an artist and early successes earned him the nickname “Idol Idol.” His dancing abilities are well known in the K-pop industry, and his constant improvements with his voice are applauded. He became a model for dozens of juniors on the scene.

4. HyunA


(Photo: dazzle yourself (Wikimedia Commoms))

HyunA is known for her unique facial expressions and self-confidence on stage. Having debuted in Wonder Girls, 4Minute, and as a soloist, HyunA is definitely used to the scene. HyunA is a recognized performer in the industry, and she always knows how to put on a show!

5. EXO’s Baekhyun


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Baekhyun not only made a name for himself as a member of EXO, one of K-pop’s most prominent boy groups, but also as a soloist. In 2020, he sold over a million copies of his mini album, “City Lights”, and did so again in 2021 with “Bambi”. It has been nicknamed “Genius Idol” by idols and internet users.

6.V of BTS


(Photo: Dispatch, CC BY 3.0 (Wikimedia Commons))

As one of the most popular members of the world’s biggest boy group, the list must include V from BTS! V is known for his unique baritone voice and is often praised for his hoarse tone. The idol is known for his duality on stage and his ability to show various emotions while performing. Additionally, her dancing has been described as precise and sharp.

7. TWICE’s Nayeon


(Photo: 월아 조운 (Wikimedia Commons))

As the lead singer and center of TWICE, Nayeon is seen as a vital member of the girl group. She is often praised for her fruity visuals and refreshing voice. Although the idol is known to have suffered a car accident early in her life that injured her leg, she is often praised for her involvement in the intricate choreography of TWICE.

8. Jennie from BLACKPINK


(Photo: HeyDay (Wikimedia Commons))

Jennie, who is often referred to as BLACKPINKis a member of the ace, is the last idol to conclude this list. Jennie is often seen as an all-rounder, good at singing, raping, and songwriting. She doesn’t fall too far behind in dancing and is praised for her charismatic facial expressions during the performance.

Was your favorite idol on the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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