Korean dinner opens at Kingy Court in Soho

The Korean Dinner will be located at the top of Kingly Court in Soho and will serve an East-meets-West menu developed with the help of Gonçalves and Meng by against a backdrop of Korean hip hop.

Starters will include a bacon mochi with gochujang caramel and spring onions; crispy kimchi pancake with onion and oyster mayo; Bovine Tartar; an American-style cheese corn dog with mozzarella, ketchup and mustard; and Korean-inspired fried chicken nuggets served with garlic cream, parmesan and rice sticks.

The restaurant will also offer a range of tacos, such as al pastor pork neck topped with ssamjang, chili relish, coleslaw and homemade wheat wraps, as well as more classic dishes such as a pot in kimchi stone with potato, enoki mushrooms, tofu, egg yolk and brown rice.

The sides, meanwhile, will include white kimchi with Chinese cabbage pickle, wakame, carrots and apple vinaigrette, and kimchi fried rice with curry sauce, garlic mayo and a fried egg. .

The drink menu will include cocktails, beers, wines and handcrafted sake from Kanpai, the UK’s first sake brewery, based in Peckham. Drinks will include a Yakult Royale, with champagne, yogurt soju and a Yakult mousse; and a Plum Americano made from Korean plum wine mixed with British Japanese umeshu from Kanpai.

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