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Konami is preparing to hold an event at 2022 Tokyo Gaming Fair where all eyes will be on. On Friday 16th September, Konami will be hosting two TGS events – one taking place at 7.30am BST where a “new title” will be announced, then the main Konami TGS event is scheduled for 1.00pm UK time. You can watch streams from both Konami Tokyo Game Show 2022 events by clicking play below…

All eyes will be on these events, as in the aftermath Konami has teased that a “beloved world” series is making a return with more details to come at TGS.

This has got fans excited because for years there have been rumors that the veteran Japanese developer is working on new Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid games.

Remasters of the first three Metal Gear Solid games are believed to be in the works – which could be announced this year as the series celebrates its 35th anniversary.

While a remake of Silent Hill 2 and a new main entry in the terrifying survival horror series are also said to be in the works.

The Silent Hill 2 remake and the new main game Silent Hill are considered PS5 exclusives and it is believed that an announcement is due soon.

So when Konami announced that a “beloved world” series was making a comeback and more news was coming to TGS, it created huge excitement, especially among the Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill communities.

Sure, fans immediately connected the dots and thought Konami might be teasing an announcement about MGS or Silent Hill – but the mysterious game they might be referring to might actually be a new Suikoden.

As DualShockers reported earlier this month, Konami recently rebranded Suikoden before TGS.

Which might indicate that the game that’s about to be announced at TGS is a new Suikoden title.

Elsewhere, there’s another sign that the game Konami is about to reveal is Suikoden – not a new MGS or Silent Hill.

It looks like the next Konami TGS event won’t show more than 18 ranked games. This is important because this kind of adult rating would typically be applied to a game like Silent Hill, but not Suikoden.

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