Kenny Omega returns to AEW in an amazing way

Kenny Omega returned to AEW last Saturday at Full equipment.

Serenaded by a packed house singing along with Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son”, Omega and the Young Bucks burst onto the stage in distinct fashion. This entry was followed by a spectacular trios match against the extremely talented triumvirate of Pac, Fénix and Penta. Just over 18 minutes later, it ended when Fénix finally accepted Pac’s desperate plea to win by any means necessary, escaping the One-Winged Angel and pinning Omega after punching him in the face. head with a hammer.

The match represented a homecoming for Omega and the Bucks, and AEW once again felt complete with three of the company’s founding fathers.

“We knew we had to make it special for the fans,” Omega says. “It felt like we were leaving people in limbo, so we had to come back insistently. Our goal is to make wrestling feel like a rock concert. We wanted people to focus entirely on the game, and whether you were for or against us, we wanted people to enjoy it. As soon as the music hit, we wanted it to be a show. We wanted people to know they were going for a ride. I hope everyone enjoyed the performance.

In a story devoid of any kind of concrete, confirmed details, Nick and Matt Jackson of Omega and the Bucks were suspended along with a host of others, including CM Punk, for an after-show altercation following the All out à la carte on September 4.

There is rampant speculation surrounding the details of what allegedly happened, but none of those involved have commented publicly. Omega was asked to comment on what happened.

“There are things that no one can talk about, so I encourage people to let it go,” Omega says. “It doesn’t change that we want a team effort in AEW. I don’t even mean implicitly me and my opponent. It also means the referee, the supporters, the people who set up the ring, everyone – even a technical error can ruin the memory of a game. I can refer to the explosion of the fatal match with barbed wire. So I encourage people to stay away from it because there is no information to stream. While I can’t talk about it, I want the fans to know that I always want the best for pro wrestling.

Omega returned to “Full Gear” on Saturday after a two-month hiatus.

Omega is one of the most passionate and dedicated artists in the entire industry. Yet for all the pride he takes in professional wrestling, he shared that the events of last Sunday served as a heartbreaking reminder that his goal in wrestling is to unite, not divide.

“The day after the pay-per-view, I was absolutely devastated by the loss of Jason David Frank,” Omega said, speaking of the actor who died over the weekend. “He’s one of my childhood heroes. That evening there was a mass shooting at an LGBTQ club where five people died. It’s absolutely awful. After such a tragedy, it puts everything in perspective.

“It’s not Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks versus CM Punk. These are people trying to show off their craft. You can boo Kenny Omega, or the Young Bucks, or CM Punk, but I hope people don’t forget that we are human beings struggling to show off our art.

Prior to Saturday, it had been over two months since Omega had wrestled in an AEW ring. He had only worked three games after returning from an injury that dated back to November. Omega looked healthier than ever Full equipmentdespite the fact that he almost returned to the injured list during this period.

“I find that I really have to push my limits to create change,” says Omega. “Sometimes that means I push myself too hard. I was able to get in better shape over time because I had a goal and a vision. But it almost stopped abruptly when I strained a tendon in my knee from pushing too hard.

“Time past was no time to rest. It was time for me to get to work. It was time to train two or three times a day, increasing the intensity of these sessions. I wanted to come back from the time spent with something positive.

Kenny Omega

Omega and the Bucks outclassed Pac, Fénix and Penta from Death Triangle on Saturday at “Full Gear.”

The arduous preparation paid off. Omega and the Bucks hosted Game of the Night at Full equipment against Pac, Fénix and Penta from Death Triangle. The fight also improved the current Death Triangle storyline as they retained the Trios Championship. And those who want more trios are in luck – the pay-per-view marked the start of a best-of-seven series between the two teams, with the next game taking place tonight on dynamite.

“We are six people with a unique vision of professional wrestling,” says Omega. “Our minds are never closed to one idea or another, so every match may be unique. The Lucha Brothers are known for their lucha libre, but Penta and Fénix aren’t limited to just one style. Pac is the same – he went through the British Indies, then moved on to Dragongate in Japan, which is a totally different style, and includes lucha libre, he wrestled in WWE, which is sports entertainment, and now AEW, which is a hybrid brand of alternative sports entertainment. Death Triangle has such a wide range, and it’s a platform, in seven potential matches, that’s a lot of matches to show your craft to a lot of people. If people don’t know about Death Triangle, they will know by the end of this series.

“We are very proud to show what trio wrestling can be. It might be a daunting task to have these incredibly tough matches every week, but it’s definitely a chance for us to show that trio wrestling has its place. That’s our goal: to show what wrestling can be.

In addition to returning to Full equipmentOmega’s weekend also included a surprise video package airing at NJPW/Stardom Historical X-over To display. Speaking in Japanese, Omega challenged Will Ospreay to a fight on Jan. 4 at Fight Kingdom 17.

“I’m going back to New Japan as an ambassador for AEW,” Omega says. “I’m going back to New Japan as an ambassador for pro wrestling. I also go home. I left to start this exciting new opportunity, but it’s still my home. Now the things Will can do are things I can’t. It’s an athletic phenomenon. But as fine as he is physically, he still doesn’t have the knowledge or the experience. I pushed my own physical limits in All Japan and DDT, but that’s not what I’m known for. My mind is my greatest asset, not my athleticism. This is what is allowed [Hiroshi] Tanahashi to have such a long and savory career.

“I needed someone to take my place in New Japan, I wanted someone to take my place – and that was Will, Jay [White]and [Kota] Ibushi. Will is the only one who has a problem with this.

Kenny Omega

Omega will challenge Will Ospreay for a fight at Wrestle Kingdom 17 to launch 2023.

The match will mark Omega’s first trip to the Tokyo Dome since 2019. His Ospreay-defying promo was executed perfectly. It was also rich in symbolism, with Omega speaking mostly in Japanese, while Ospreay responded in English.

“I had to speak in Japanese to remind him that he doesn’t have home advantage. It’s still my house.

Another project for Omega, who remains one of AEW’s executive vice presidents, is the company’s inaugural video game, fight forever, which is ready to be launched. The new trailer was released for the game, and it provided plenty of reason for optimism.

“It’s a lot of fun,” says Omega. “For people looking for an accurate representation of AEW and our characters, wrestling style and feel, this will be the game for them. If you played the old Smack down! vs raw game, it has this craziness, some of the same control schemes as Without mercyand times have changed since 2000, so there are sequences and moves that have never been part of a wrestling game before.

After more than two months of waiting, Omega is back. His matches are, once again, a must-see, and his behind-the-scenes passion has returned to AEW as well. His immediate future in the business centers around his work with the Bucks, and he’s also looking forward to enjoying the ride with a hugely dedicated fanbase.

“There is a bond, a connection with the fans that is unbreakable,” Omega says. “We all felt that on Saturday. And we still have a lot of goals to show the possibilities of the fight. We are excited to do this with our fans.

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