K-Pop’s VERIVERY Gushes To A New ‘Unique’ Music: Video

Spill the tea! VERIVERY has a lot to say about their new EP, Series ‘O’ Round 2: Hole, which officially dropped on August 23. Members Dongheon, Hoyoung, Minchan, Gyehyeon, Yeonho, Yongseung and Kangmin Talk with D-14 exclusively on recently released songs and more.

“The title song is ‘Trigger’. It has a unique and addictive intro, ”Yeonho explains. “It also has exceptional signature sounds and texture.”

When it came to the inspiration behind their new songs, the musicians shared that one song in particular – “Prom” – was meant to be a positive track amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Due to the pandemic, we wrote a song with a party vibe – like a prom,” says Gyehyeon. “Bringing a message of hope to people. “

Yongseung adds, “When I was working on the lyrics, I watched all the YouTube videos on the prom vlogging. I liked it because it was so romantic. I imagined those times when I wrote the lyrics.

Following the release of the group’s sixth EP, Series ‘O’ Round 2: Hole, he immediately topped the US iTunes charts and reached number 1. While speaking with D-14, the boys also reveal what goes through their minds when the new music is released.

“Releasing a new song makes me nervous and excited,” Yeonho says. “My heart is racing. “

Hoyoung, for his part, says he gets “nervous and excited at the same time.”

All VERIVERYs agree that they are still worried about the reactions of their supporters.

“I can’t wait to hear what the fans, Verrer, think about the song,” Yeonho exclaims. “Like, how do people feel about what we’ve prepared. We’re doing our best, we’re feeling both excited and nervous.

Hoyoung adds, “When we pick a song and start practicing, we listen to the song countless times. So if the song is good or bad we can’t tell, and I wonder what the fans think about the song.

As the boys keep releasing new music, they have big dreams of collaborating with other K-pop groups.

“We are looking forward to working with VIXX,” Gyehyeon teases. Dongheon adds, “Also, many members are friends with On / Off, and On / Off members are great artists. So, I also want to collaborate with them.

Dongheon continues. “K-pop has already grown with the works of other artists. The future of K-pop, I think, because it’s already being marketed around the world. I hope K-pop is no longer a special genre, but the popular musical genre for everyone.

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