K-Pop Songs for Mother’s Day 2021: From BTS J-Hope’s “ MAMA ” to Girl Generation’s “ Dear Mom ”, 6 Soul Korean Songs About Moms That Move You (Watch Videos)

Mother’s Day 2021 is approaching, and unlike every year, this time the celebration is different and much more special. The ongoing health crisis may have changed the way we celebrate events, but there are still tons of creative ways to stay in touch with moms and express how special they are to you. And for those who stay away, a virtual Mother’s Day celebration is always an option. Make Mother’s Day Celebration 2021 more special, we thought we would bring you some special K-Pop songs about moms. Whether or not you are a South Korean fan, these soulful songs about moms are sure to move you. From ‘MAMA’ by BTS member J-Hop to ‘Dear Mom’ from Girls’ Generation, listen to these songs to celebrate mothers and all they do for us.

Just like most events, festivals and other important days, Mother’s Day will also be observed virtually, in a limited way. With this, we are simply adapting the “new normal” to honor our moms. Giving your mom beautiful songs can melt their hearts, and yours too. More than language, it is moving translation that touches millions of people. And the music of K-Pop idols is world famous, due to their songs which can leave a moving impact on listeners. Whether you’re a K-Pop fan or not, you’ll love these gorgeous Korean songs on mothers, and so do they.

Watch video: BTS J-Hope – ‘MAMA’

Watch the video: Infinite’s song “ Mom ”

Watch the video: Ra. Song of D ‘Mom’

Watch the video: L’Arche’s song “ The Light ”

Watch the video: Girls’ Generation’s song ‘Dear Mom’

Watch the video: Yang Hee Eun’s song “ From Mother to Daughter ”

Mother’s Day is about celebrating the woman in your life. Her support in getting us back on our feet, and even a few heartfelt snaps when we need to pull ourselves together, mothers are all we live for. Make her feel special and express your love and respect. Happy Mother’s Day!

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