K-pop soloist Ha Sung Woon to quit agency after final album

K-pop soloist Ha Sung Woon is set to leave his agency, Star Crew Entertainment, after a final album, the company has confirmed.

K-pop soloist Ha Sung Woon is set to leave his agency, Starw Crew Entertainment, after his contract expires. In a public statement, Star Crew confirmed the news, noting that the decision was made after “extensive discussions” with the star.

“As of October 31, 2021, our exclusive contract with Ha Sung Woon, who spent the last seven years with us after his debut in 2014, has ended,” the statement said.

“As the expiration of our exclusive contract approached, we entered into serious conversations with Ha Sung Woon about his future business, and after extensive discussion, we agreed to respect each other’s opinions and not to go any further. forward with a renewal. ” they said.

On behalf of Ha, Star Crew also confirmed that the singer will release at least one final album in November, although no further details were shared.

Ha, who’s been on the rise since going solo, made his Star Crew debut in 2014. He rose to fame on the musical survival show Produce 101 with his label colleague (and later his teammate ) Roh Taehyun, later becoming a member of Wanna One’s winning line-up. Sung Woon and Taehyun then joined Hotshot, which disbanded earlier in 2021.

Ha’s solo art has made him one of K-pop‘s most exciting rising stars, earning him prominent positions on the charts and coveted appearances on the soundtrack.

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“I wanted to show my own development as a solo artist through these promotions. I am satisfied because I have heard reviews saying that I have found my style. he said while promoting his EP fuzzy area back in 2020.

“Rather than being seen as one thing, I am more than happy to be seen as both an artist and an idol who expresses his thoughts through music.” He continued.

You can read more about this on the Asia Pop Observer.

Discover “Strawberry Gum” by Ha Sung Woon ft. Don Mills:

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