K pop-inspired makeup and hairstyle trends that will save your summer style without major investment

We’re taking a look at the best K-pop-inspired makeup and hairstyle changes to take from our favorite K-drama actresses. Scroll down to see the full list.

K pop-inspired makeup and hairstyle trends that will save your summer style without major investment

As the lockdown opens, the fashion has hardly changed, of course there are changes from our uniform at home, but people are still not back to follow the fashion trends. . But when it comes to beauty and hair, fashionistas are making a change to experience their glamor this season. As the weather warms, our favorite K pop idols dive deep into coral and pastel tones. If like us, you’re in the mood for a major but subtle change this season, here are some K-drama inspirations you might want to copy!

Peach shades: Summer is everything; to keep it cool, clean and minimalist this season. If you think less is more, this is the trend for you. Subtle and sophisticated, this peachy trend applies to everything from lip and cheek tones to eye shadows and even your wardrobe! Peach is the color of the season and in the spirit of showcasing your minimalist style, we can’t recommend this trend enough!

Orange Lip: Another remarkable and unforgettable fashionista in drama this year is Lee Da Hee, who played Cha Hyun in “Search: WWW”. She is an empowered business executive in the computer industry, and she is tough and straightforward when it comes to the job; however, she gets goofy and cute when in love! Her makeup reflected her personality with a heavy eyeliner to show off her strong side and a touch of orange to represent her more playful character. It’s a perfect balance that allows for chic and trendy makeup!

Take inspiration from the great ladies of “Her Private Life” and “The Secret Life of My Secretary” and enhance your hairstyle with shades of caramel or red. The two colors that can be highlighted in a natural tone if you are brunette, they look seamless! Save this for your next hair appointment!

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