K-pop Idols Take ‘Ganadara’ Challenge With Jay Park, Fans Say ‘He’s Your Favorite Favorite’

Although K-pop fans are embittered about R&B and hip-hop singer Jay Park’s influence on the music industry, the singer’s fans are now firing trolls saying, “Jay Park is your favorite favorite K-pop idol”.

Jay Park (aka Park Jaebeom) has released his first-ever collaborative single “Ganadara,” featuring Nation singer IU. And even though the “Lilac” singer’s fans hated it, the collaboration was a hit on the charts. “Ganadara” has done exceptionally well on the national and international charts and now Park is getting a head start.

Jay Park is also turning the song into a dance challenge, #GanadaraChallenge, on Instagram as he uses his influence in the K-pop industry to get famous K-pop idols to join his dance challenge. From (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon to Ateez’s Mingi, Park has a lot of connections in the industry and it shows.


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K-pop idols take on the #GanadaraChallenge with Jay Park

Many famous idols from various groups are now jumping on the bandwagon and joining Park in his trending dance challenge. First, we saw (G)I-DLE in-house producer and rapper Soyeon dancing with Jay, then he posted a video of himself doing the Ganadara challenge with Seventeen’s Vernon and Hoshi. which rocked the fans. Jay Park also took on the dance challenge with Mijoo who was a member of Lovelyz, which made fans wonder about Jay’s connection in the industry.

What comes as no shock to many fans is Jay Park’s friendship with GOT7 frontman JayB; Jay Park and JayB, who have the same birth name Jaebeom, performed the #GanadaraChallenge together, as seen in a video posted to Jay’s official Instagram account – @moresojuplease. Among all these funny interactions with famous idols, fans are most shocked because on March 23, Jay posted a video of Ateez rapper Mingi performing the dance challenge with him.

‘I feel something’

On the one hand, some Ateez fans found the interaction unpleasant, while on the other, some thought it was fun considering Mingi is a fan of Jay Park. Many fans joked that the artists performing with Jay were so random that they wondered if a wildcard artist like BTS’s Jungkook could be the next idol to join the trend. One fan said, “Stayc and Soyeon, seventeen and now jayb – so Jay Park wasn’t lying when he said to himself, ‘I’m your Kpop idols’ favorite Kpop idol.'” Another fan said “Oh my God, Jay Park is in great shape…he looks great. Thanks to the styling team.”

An Atiny said, “Jay Park and Mingi together must be the worst day of my life.” Another Atiny said, “WHAT!?! Isn’t Jay Park one of Mkngi’s favorite artists??!!” One BTS fan joked, “When Jay Park asks Jungkook to do the #GANADARA challenge, so what.” One fan said, “Not a few days ago Jay Park danced with Hoshi and Vernon, he’s trending and now he danced again with mingi from ateez, he’s trending again.” Another fan said, “I think jungkook might do a ganadara challenge with jpark (I feel something) jkjkjk.”

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