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Without a doubt, one of the biggest K-pop groups right now is the Ladies of ITZY. The five-member girl group debuted in 2019 and quickly became one of the leading groups in Korean pop music. Their catchy music videos and unabashedly preaching confidence songs have garnered 100 to over 300 million views and have won them legions of fans – called Midzy – from all over the world.

Ahead of the release of their first full album, members Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna sat down with BuzzFeed via a video call to talk about dropping out of their teenage years and what they learned from directing. from their first official album. project, Crazy in Love.

What have you achieved recently?

YÉJI: We are working on our comeback with a new album, Crazy in Love. It takes a lot of attention to detail because it’s the first time we’ve done a full album.

RYUJIN: Because we are preparing our return, we repeat the same routine. Wake up, go for a workout or go to our [press] schedules. It’s very busy these days.

CHAERYEONG: I’m excited!

YUNA: I listen to music and jog outside. It’s my personal care routine.

Let’s talk about the album. It’s a much more mature sound than in your past work. Tell us about the manufacturing Crazy in Love.

RYUJIN: Since it’s ITZY, and ITZY has always talked about self-esteem, we still talk about it. But in this album, we’re talking about falling in love – even falling madly in love. Getting “out of control” is also a good slogan for this album.

LIA: Yeah, like you say, we got a little more mature [laughs], and we try to deliver a more mature emotion on love compared to before, when our songs were a little more daring and confident. Now we’re in an emotion where we’re more confused about how we’re feeling, because it’s like our first time we’re deeply in love that we’re out of control!

YÉJI: Even though I’m the oldest in the group, I’m still very young, so it’s still difficult for me to express myself sometimes. Thanks to this era, I hope I can learn more about myself.

What do you hope your fans take away from your first full project?

LIA: We hope our fans, Midzy, see a more adult side in us. We try to express different feelings from before. We hope they enjoy the other tracks beyond the main singles, because we really put a lot of effort into this album. Hope they enjoy it!

RYUJIN: I think my raps were well recorded for all the songs on the album. I’m very happy with it, so I hope Midzy is listening to it carefully. We also shot two music videos for this album, which is new to us. I hope they are looking forward to it.

Do you have a favorite part of the choreography on the album?

RYUJIN: One of my favorite lyrics is “OX for that kitten”, and the choreography fits that really well – I think Yeji does a really good job. It would be the best part for me.

What is your favorite memory of making new music during this time?

YÉJI: When I was in the studio, the director would tell me “you must be feeling more aggressive”, so it was the first time that I was screaming and screaming in the booth. It was very inconvenient, but such a good experience. It was a new challenge for me.

LIA: Same! Recording our title song, since it’s so simple and aggressive, doing the screams and screams was kinda fun. It took away my stress.

How does your perspective – as young women, Gen Z artists – influence your process?

YUNA: I think being Generation Z opens the way for new, unique artists to express their color. So we try to make our own music – ITZY music – to do the same thing.

LIA: As Gen Z, we most certainly take inspiration from other young artists because it naturally affects our thoughts and perspectives. It really is a good thing. It makes music more accessible to other Gen Zers, when they feel the same way we do.

RYUJIN: It’s an honor to be considered a Gen Z singer. We try to make music about self-confidence and positivity, and to be full of self-confidence. But I’m not always full of that confidence, so I’m always inspired by other young artists and I’m so honored that our music can inspire young people.

Ryujin pulls a quote on how it's an honor to be Gen Z


Since this album is about growing up, what would you say about the first time you entered the scene?

RYUJIN: It was my best at the time … but I could do better. [laughs] As I grow older and learn a lot, I see so many imperfections from there.

YÉJI: My personal motto is “believe in yourself”. Keep on going!

CHAERYEONG: It was a very good experience [to be in the spotlight], But yes. Do better.

YUNA: Do not lose your personality, your feelings and your colors.

Thanks for chatting with us, ITZY. You can listen to their first album, Crazy in Love, here.

Note: Answers have been edited for length and clarity.


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