K-pop group Twice have yet to receive the worldwide fame they deserve


Even though Twice has had bigger achievements, they are still relatively unknown, rumored to be treated poorly by management.

As the K-pop craze continues to sweep the country, K-pop girl group Twice has taken their career to the next level. KpopStarz recently reported that the band now has the most songs with 200 million streams on Melon, a popular streaming platform in South Korea.

Twice now beats Blackpink, one of the world’s most popular K-pop groups, which has gained attention across the United States to that extent.

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However, even though Twice has achieved greater achievements, they are still relatively unknown, rumored to be treated poorly by management and unfairly disadvantaged compared to other groups. A Twitter The user talked about all of these questions combined, expressing his disappointment at the situation, and his tweets garnered a lot of attention.

In response to his original tweet, @ elriej4 replied, “Footnote: This is not an article to discredit the hard work of Stray Kidz, but to place in the blatant mistreatment of Twice due to management’s failure to give needs and respect necessary when it comes to a group of girls who have done wonders for their agency. “

Twice and Blackpink were formed in 2015 and 2016 respectively, and the two groups easily found success in Asia. While Twice is South Korea’s best-selling girl group, Blackpink’s The album became the best-selling Korean female act album of all time. However, when people in the United States think of a K-pop group other than BTS, they usually think of Blackpink and no one else.

Twice was created by JYP Entertainment, a record company that is increasingly notorious for mistreating artists who signed to them. Blackpink, meanwhile, was created by YG Entertainment, which has also been embroiled in various controversies involving abuse.

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Ultimately, the biggest differences you notice between the bands are the artists they’ve collaborated with. Twice has collaborated with other Korean artists, who have not achieved mainstream fame, while Blackpink has been recognized by collaborating with Lady Gaga for the song “Sour candies. “

Following this, they collaborated with Selena Gomez for their song “Ice cream, becoming their first song to peak in the top 20 of Billboard Hot 100. They also collaborated with other female artists including Cardi B and Dua Lipa.

These girl groups are both powers. In the end, it was about collaborations, especially with artists from the United States, as a deciding factor in their international fame.

However, it is not over yet. Twitter praised Twice’s “Perfect World” performance on July 16, and the band will be releasing an all-English song in September 2021.

All music from is available to listen to on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Twice will release their third Japanese studio album, Perfect world, on July 28, and Blackpink will be releasing a project called “4 + 1” on an unknown date.

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