K-pop group The Rose makes comeback with “Beauty and the Beast” music video after 2 years

South Korean boy band, The Rose officially made their comeback after two years with their latest single, The beauty and the Beast. The comeback single was released on Wednesday, accompanied by a dark music video. In the clip, the K-pop group can be seen in a hall with a chandelier, giving viewers a dark and fantastical aesthetic feel.

The plot of the single follows the The beauty and the Beast story, however, is an expansion as love comes in different forms. It gives a message to follow your heart. So the track focuses on the beauty of true love.

The Rose is making a comeback after a 2-year hiatus

The beauty and the Beast The music video is about people’s perspective on their love affair. The first verse of the MV discusses perspective, while the second verse talks about the mysterious emotions that awaken in the presence of their lover. Her strong and booming voice is what makes the song exceptionally enjoyable to listen to. It has an electric guitar sound which makes the song extraordinary.

Apparently, the song is the last track the members took part in in production and in the music video before their compulsory military enlistment. The South Korean boy band says they wrote the song for their fans. Currently, its members – Dojoon, Hajoon and Jaehyeong are doing their military service.

In addition, The Rose’s agency, J & Star Company, has announced the end of its exclusive contract with the boy band. Thereby, The beauty and the Beast The clip will be their last project together. They asked to support the members in their future activities. In their statement, they said. “The contract will be terminated after the new song, by mutual agreement between the two parties. We would like to thank the fans for liking The Rose.”

The Rose is a four member band: Woosung (vocals, guitar), Dojoon (keyboard), Hajoon (drums) and Jaehyeong (bass). They were a popular indie band before they made their debut. The group made their official mainstream release under J & Star Company with the debut single titled sorry, which was released in August 2017. The song was named one of Billboard’s Best K-pop Songs of the Year in December 2017.

Image: Instagram / @ official_therose

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