K-pop group Red Velvet will make a comeback in August

Red Velvet performs at the K-pop World Music Festival in Manila on June 9, 2019. ABS-CBN News / File

Korean girl group Red Velvet is set to release new music in August, K-pop news site Soompi reported on Wednesday.

SM Entertainment agency said the 5-member girl group “are preparing for a new album with the goal of a comeback in August,” according to the Soompi report.

Following the announcement, the phrase “RED VELVET AUGUST COMEBACK” was topped the list of hot topics on Twitter in the Philippines.

The upcoming release marks Red Velvet’s return as a full group in a year and a half. Their last album was “The ReVe Festival: Finale”, released in December 2019 with the single “Psycho”.

That same month, singer Wendy took a hiatus after appearing in a stage crash.

Since 2020, the group has been promoting mainly through a sub-unit (Irene and Seulgi) and as soloists.

At SM Entertainment’s 2021 New Years concert, Red Velvet performed with all of its members for the first time in over a year.

Red Velvet, which debuted in August 2014, is known for its hit songs such as “Red Flavor”, “Russian Roulette” and “Bad Boy”.

The group last visited Manila in June 2019 for the K-pop World Music Festival.

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