K-pop group Pentagon on a more mature image

Promotional photo for K-pop group Pentagon’s “IN:VITE U” album, released on January 24, 2022. Photo courtesy of Cube Entertainment

Since debuting in October 2016, Pentagon has pulled off a variety of musical genres and concepts, gradually establishing themselves as one of K-pop‘s most interesting and versatile groups. And even after five years, the nine members continue to push themselves, knowing that they still have more to show their fans.

That’s exactly what Pentagon – consisting of Hui, Jinho, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yanan, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok – did last January when the group released their 12th mini album, “IN:VITE U ‘, which saw the boys take on a more mature and sexier image.

The title of the six-track disc suggests an invitation for fans, collectively known as Universe, to step into a “newly transformed world of the Pentagon”, Shinwon said.

Kino said it was natural for the members, who are no longer teenagers, to try a more mature concept. Jinho, the oldest member, is now 29 while Wooseok, the youngest, is 24.

“I think [the decision to do a mature concept] happened naturally,” Kino said in a recent ABS-CBN News interview as the group wraps up promotions for “IN:QUICK U.”

Hui, the leader of the group, did not participate in the album because he is currently doing his compulsory military service.

“As our members have aged, I think our thoughts have also changed in a way that matches our age,” Kino added.

The first single from the album is “Feelin’ Like”, which combines the haunting vocals of the Pentagon with a muffled but funky instrumental.

The lyrics are about temptation and pleasure, and are inspired by the Greek myth of Pygmalion, a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he carved.

Promotional photo of Pentagon members Hongseok, Yuto, Wooseok and Kino for 'IN:VITE U.'  Photo courtesy of Cube Entertainment
Promotional photo of Pentagon members Hongseok, Yuto, Wooseok and Kino for ‘IN:VITE U.’ Photo courtesy of Cube Entertainment

“I kept rehearsing the instrumentals…the main priority was deciding the main theme,” Kino said, recounting the time when he was writing the lyrics, which he co-wrote with Jinho and Wooseok.

“The first thing that came to mind was a sculpture and these mythological elements,” he said.

The ideas of sculptures and mythology led Kino to the story of Pygmalion, which he said was “similar to the attitude we wanted to show, so we included [the story] in the lyrics.

“IN:VITE U” also comes 10 months after the release of the band’s 11th mini album, “Love or Take.”

“It could have been released earlier if we had wanted to, but because there was a lot of stuff that we didn’t want to give up on, in terms of quality this time, I think that’s why our period of preparation has been extended,” Jinho explained.

Hongseok added that the group also waited for Jinho, who was discharged from the military last November, before releasing the mini album.

Promotional photo of Pentagon members Yanan, Jinho, Yeo One and Shinwon for 'IN:VITE U.'  Photo courtesy of Cube Entertainment
Promotional photo of Pentagon members Yanan, Jinho, Yeo One and Shinwon for ‘IN:VITE U.’ Photo courtesy of Cube Entertainment

For Jinho, his time in the military made him realize “how precious every promotion we made was”.

“This time…I think I tried harder to do a lot, putting my heart into it. I’m so thrilled to be back,” he said.

The Pentagon also marked a career milestone with “Feelin’ Like” when the group came in at No. 1 on “Music Bank” on February 4, their second win on a music show.

“My goal [this year] was to win first place, but we got there so quickly,” said Japanese member Yuto, adding that he now wants to “make good music and show better things than what we did with “Feelin’ Like”.

The Pentagon poses during the group's media showcase for
The Pentagon poses during the group’s media presentation for “IN: FAST U” on January 24. Photo courtesy of Cube Entertainment

Ultimately, the members hope to resume touring once COVID-19 restrictions ease.

“Although we cannot come to see you at the moment due to the pandemic, the memories we have created during our visit [there] will be precious,” Jinho said, addressing the Filipino fans.

The band’s last performance in Manila was at Super Pop Con in July 2017.

“I hope the situation will improve soon so that we can meet you. I hope you know how much we think of you and how much we love you, and I wish you all good health,” added Jinho.

Video editing by Reya Buenaventura, ABS-CBN News

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