K-pop group MONSTA X is secretly good at some VERY random stuff … – MONSTA X ‘Secret Talent Test’ Cosmopolitan

Which MONSTA X member do you think has the wackiest secret talent? It’s a tough question, but we here at Cosmos stepped in to get an answer.

Yes, we know well that Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney and IM can sing, dance, beat yada yada records. OFC, that’s cool! But do you know what’s even more impressive? A guy who can do a pear tree! Or make a paper airplane! Okay, you might not agree, but we still wanted to test the limits of MONSTA X’s extended skills.

At the end of this challenge, we discovered secret talents for each member. In MONSTA X, is there a wizard, a ventriloquist and … a pen roll hidden? You have to look at everything to find out what the latter even entails. Make sure to check it even more eps from the Secret talent test!

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