K-pop group features Game of Thrones-inspired numbers on reality TV show

K-pop group The Boyz pays homage to A Song of Ice and Fire and the Red Wedding on Kingdom: Legendary War. Would you like to vote them?

If you want an example of how much Game of thrones has an influence on people all over the world, look no further than K-pop group The Boyz, who are currently participating in a reality TV contest called Kingdom: legendary war.

Perhaps inspired by the show’s medieval-y title, The Boyz plotted at least two performances based on Game of thrones. First, they performed a song called “No Air” in a performance entirely A song of ice and fireon the subject. We’re talking about the White Walker’s backup dancers, the snow on the stage, the works. Check it out below:

Next, The Boyz put together a routine inspired by the red wedding. This one looks a bit looser, although the color scheme is on point.

There is english translations, guided tours and subtitled videos there if you want to look for more thematic links:

The next episode of Kingdom: legendary war airs tonight. Could we have a tribute to Dany’s dragons? The battle of the bastards? Cersei blows up the Seven of Baelor? Sansa’s embroidery? It’s anyone’s guess.

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