K-Pop fans can now merge with some of their favorite bands on Spotify — Spotify

K-Pop fans, Spotify has a listening experience that will let you connect with your favorite bands in a new way. Through Spotify To mix together feature, you can sing and dance to a whole new set of playlists that fuse your personal musical tastes with those of some of the biggest names in K-Pop.

Blend was introduced last year as a new way for two Spotify users to combine their music preferences into a shared playlist designed just for them. Earlier this year we announcement updates that included the ability to mix and match with some of your favorite artists.

Now Spotify is expanding the Blend artist collection to include K-Pop superstars BTS, stray kids, ENHYPEN, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, NMIXXand AB6IX. When you mix with these artists, you get a curated playlist that combines your favorite tracks with theirs. You’ll also receive a card to share showing your taste scores and the songs you’re closest to. Cards can be shared directly to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter so you can show off your matches with other members of the ARMY, Stay, ENGENE, MOA, NSWER and ABNEW fanbases.

Ready to see what these bands have been listening to lately? Grab your headphones and mix it up by following your favorite K-Pop artist‘s link below.

Mix with BTS

Mix with NMIXX

group NMIXX stand in front of the camera posing.  Some members are kneeling and others are standing.

Mix with the stray kids

The stray kids in the group stand in front of the camera posing.  their shadows appear behind them.


the group Tomorrow x together is on a white background posing in front of the camera.

Mix with ENHYPEN

the group enhyphen pose for the camera in this black and white photo.  they are holding a sign that says

Mix with AB6IX

the group ab6ix stand outside in front of a concrete structure and pose for the camera.

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