K-Pop fans attach tracking device to ATEEZ tour bus


ATEEZ’s record label is considering taking legal action after it revealed that fans of the K-pop group had placed a tracking device on their tour bus.

Some followers of the South Korean boy band have been accused of having crossed the line in their attempts to get closer to its eight members: Kim Hong-joong, Park Seong-hwa, Jeong Yun-ho, Kang Yeo-sang, Choi San , Song Min-gi, Jung Woo-young and Choi Jong-ho.

In a terse statement released Thursday by the record company and the KQ Entertainment agency, representatives of ATEEZ pledged to pursue “sanctions without leniency or agreement.”

According to a translation on the Allkpop website, the statement said: “First of all, we would like to thank the fans who always cherish and support ATEEZ. Even though we have already informed on several occasions about the fan club label and the ban on private and unannounced visit to time spaces, there are still constant cases of violations of privacy through illegal activities.

“In addition, despite the constraints of the staff members, actions such as intrusion into private spaces and following the artist on unofficial schedules solely for personal interest caused work interruptions and psychological suffering for the staff. artists.

“In particular, we recently captured circumstances where a stealth tracking device was attached to the artist’s professional vehicle to illegally collect location information. We asked the local police station to locate him to punish him without no leniency or agreement.

“We will continue to implement the existing blacklist system and legal measures to respond to breaches of artist privacy, and those who violate it will be excluded from all fan participation and activity without notice.” “

After directing fans to an email address where any other breaches against the group can be reported, the statement concluded: “Again, we would like to ask for your cooperation for the safety of ATEEZ and the fans and for a strong fan culture. “

ATEEZ has enjoyed huge international success since its debut in 2018, although the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the group to cancel a tour scheduled for last year.

The pop stars used the extra time to work on their EP, Zero: Fever Part.1.

“It gave us a lot of time to think about our album before it was released, and to put more into it,” Hong-joong told British Vogue in an interview published in August 2020. “This break was good and bad at the same time.

“We do a lot during the promotion that we never thought we would, but it’s a bit of a relief. I thought we wouldn’t be able to do anything.”

The group, whose Instagram account has more than 5.3 million followers, entertained fans at the height of the pandemic with online concerts and video meetups and greetings.

“Interacting with fans on video calls… It’s interesting,” San said. Vogue. “Doing all the performances on stage without the fans is so frustrating. I need them to give me the strength!”

Hong-joong added, “With all this technology, we can really meet the fans.”

(Top left, bottom left) Min-gi, Yeo-sang, Seong-hwa, Jong-ho, Yun-ho, San, Hong-joong and Woo-young from ATEEZ at Young Hollywood Studio in Los Angeles on August 15, 2019. The K-pop group has 5.3 million followers on Instagram.
Mary Clavering / Young Hollywood / Getty Images

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