Jungkook Helps Sell ‘Children Of The Discordance’ Merchandise

BTS’s Jungkook is back in the limelight. The ‘Sold Out King’ boosted his brand power and impact once again by helping to boost sales of a shirt he wore from ‘Children Of The Discordance’. The idol wore the clothes in the BTS Artist Collections videos.

From his debut to the present day, Jungkook has tried various fashion trends. The idol keeps upgrading her wardrobe, leaving fans in awe of her chic style. The singer knows how to pull off all possible looks, from the simplest clothes to the most extravagant. He carried everything.

BTS’ golden maknae is a true fashion icon

In the artist-directed collection video of Suga, Jungkook walked in wearing a printed shirt and pants. Later, he sat down with a guitar and started strumming to promote Suga’s collection.

✨ ARTIST COLLECTION BY #BTS#SUGA아날로그 좀 아는 슈가 가 제안 하는 목걸이 🎸 와 실용성 소개 합니다 노트 세트 🗒 를 소개 합니다 합니다 세트 🗒 실용성 소개 합니다 합니다 🎸 와 🗒 를 소개 합니다 합니다 세트 와 실용성 만점 소개 합니다 🎸 와 와 실용성 만점 소개 합니다 🎸 세트 🗒 실용성 소개 소개 합니다 노트 세트 🗒 실용성 소개 소개 합니다 합니다 세트 와 실용성 를 소개 합니다 합니다 노트 세트 🗒 실용성 소개 소개 합니다 합니다 세트 🗒 실용성 소개 소개 합니다 합니다 세트 세트 🗒 실용성 소개 소개 합니다 합니다 세트 🗒 실용성 소개 소개 합니다 합니다 세트 세트 🗒 실용성 소개 소개 합니다 합니다 세트 🗒 실용성 소개 소개 합니다 합니다 세트노트weverse.onelink.me/qt3S/801e9466 https://t.co/FddiA0KLQD

The group’s maknae wore a “cotton bandana shirt” from “Children Of The Discordance.” The shirt had beautiful white patterns with a background of different colors. He paired it with “cashmere drawstring pants” from the same brand. In addition, the pants have a geometric print similar to the shirt.

Children of the Discordance is an emerging label from Tokyo. The brand draws inspiration from various subcultures and the personal archive of collectibles of Shikama (the designer).

The Japanese clothing brand and retailer “Three One” both thanked Jungkook on their Instagram stories after the shirt ran out.

The shirt worn by Jungkook in the BTS merch videos made by the artist has sold out. Brands ‘Three One’ and ‘Children of the Discordance’ have shared on their stories that it’s now sold out. https://t.co/ODtQ6uhzMI

Last year, the band’s eternal sun J-Hope wore a “Children Of The Discordance” bucket hat with the same white geometric pattern.

j-hope is wearing a ‘Children of the Discordance’ company hat. Their website states that they practice “ethical sourcing”, which means “purchasing ethically produced products that support small makers or local artisans and protect animals and the environment”. https://t.co/LKTO2XnoL7

In 2021, BTS’s Jungkook drank “Kombucha” during his VLive interaction with fans. He showed a plastic bottle filled with a yellow colored drink. Many of his fans rushed to order the brand’s Kombucha. Later, tea brand ‘TEAZEN’ thanked him for helping them sell a month’s supply of Kombucha.

This BTS marketing effect has helped several small businesses over time. Jungkook continues to be the “brand king” with this recent incident. Some of these brands were also named “Brand of the Year” due to Jungkook’s positive impact on the brand.

A series of webtoons and collections created by artists

Despite a well-deserved vacation, the K-pop group had a busy month. The group collaborated with Webtoon to release a webtoon series titled 7 Fates: CHAKO on January 15 on Naver’s WEBTOON.

The group are portrayed as heroes who venture on a journey to save their community from monsters (beom) in an urban fantasy setting. The web novel of the series is now available on Wattpad. Webtoon also released a comic version of the series which can be accessed on their official website.

With HYBE, the group has invented an artist-made collection, with each member exclusively designing products. These unique and thoughtful products sell out in seconds on the Weverse Shop app. Currently, Jin, RM, V, Suga, Jimin, and J-Hope have released their merchandise.

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