‘Jellyfish haircut’ TikTok trend dates back to Nicole Kidman’s magazine photo shoot

Discussions about feminine curls or the feather haircut are part of the daily gossip of chat groups and friends. Along with bizarre news that Japanese schools are banning female students from tying a ponytail because it excites men on the premises, a “jellyfish-like” hair grooming has surfaced on the internet.

As the user shared the hair fashion’s bizarre yet exciting look, he wrote, “Look y’all! The internet has discovered 80s and 90s black hairstyles! They call it ‘jellyfish hair’.

However, the buzz is due to 55-year-old actress Nicole Kidman, who flaunted her “jellyfish bob” look in the middle of her magazine photoshoot. Kidman’s exclusive shoot and interview are featured in Perfect Magazine’s issue three, “Perfect Awards” Fall/Winter 2022. It’s slated to hit newsstands September 1 on the publication’s official website.

The rise of the sea creature-like hairstyle has become the controversial ‘ugly’ hair trend sweeping the world – as Nicole Kidman becomes the latest to rock the ‘do’, DailyMail reported.

Mule style is reportedly influencing Gen Zers on TikTok with videos under the jellyfish hair hashtag racking up over 43 billion views. Here’s a look at who’s trying Kidman’s style.

Tina/TikTok Style Influencer

TikTok creator @sillyyerba

Amanda Christine (@christinevelour) TikTok

disco rat (@discoratita) TikTok

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