J-Hope Explains Why He Yelled At His Bandmates With Run BTS

BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook released their new album Proof on June 10. The group will also perform it live on the ninth anniversary of their debut on June 13. One of the three new tracks featured on the anthology album was Run BTS, which J-Hope described as a tribute to his colleagues and their journey. Read also | BTS’s New Album Proof Is Out: Watch Yet To Come Music Video

Run BTS saw the rap line take center stage, with powerful verses from Suga, RM, and J-Hope. The lyrics refer to the seven band members as “seven runners” who have proven themselves through hard work and will continue to run as there will be more in the future.

In a recent interview with Weverse magazine, J-Hope discussed the song and the album. When asked about his shoutout to the other members, he explained, “They really went through a lot. That’s a fact. (laughs) We all went through a lot and worked hard. one word—gosaeng—to express it, and I put an “s” at the end to make gosaengs.We’ve conveyed many different messages with each of our albums, from What’s Your Dream in the School Trilogy to now. But then I asked myself, have I ever really conveyed a message to the other members? So when we were working on the album, I told them that I wanted to include something where I could say what I think of the others. What came out of that process was Run BTS, and I wanted to make it a shout out to the other members.”

When asked if he shouldn’t also be hailed for his journey, J-Hope said: “I’ve been through a lot, but I think I may be the one who gets the most pleasure from it. of what BTS is doing. Because, thanks to BTS, I can experience things that I would have wondered whether or not I could accomplish on my own.” The K-pop star also said of his album Proof, “It was a good time to show people who recently became ARMY how we got to where we are today and show all the topics that we’ve covered in the same place. And we think it’s also going to be an album that stirs deep emotions for the ARMYs who have been with us since the beginning. Our timeline is basically the ARMY timeline. We made it an album for the ARMYs who took this trip with us, one they would likely treasure, so we had a lot of fun revisiting old memories while doing it.”

J-Hope is set to mark another “memorable chapter” in his music career as he will headline the Lollapalooza festival, becoming the first South Korean artist to do so. The Lollapalooza festival will be held at Grant Park in Chicago from July 28 to July 31. K-pop group Tomorrow X Together (TXT) is set to perform on Saturday, July 30, while J-Hope will headline Sunday, July 31. Lollapalooza said of J-Hope’s performance, “His performance will go down in history, making him the first South Korean artist to headline the main stage at a major American music festival.”

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