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However, right after the release of JYP’s recent song for ITZY titled “Mafia In The Morning”, she received mixed reactions from fans. “Asian Soul” was in the spotlight after fans complained and shared their disappointment for the song which credits JY Park with the lyrics, music and arrangements. Fans even took to her personal Instagram page to ask her to stop making girl group songs.

With the recent backlash JY Park received for “Mafia In The Morning,” fans have revisited some of the songs he has produced for JYP girl groups over the years. Fans shared their thoughts on the songs produced by JYP in an online forum. The forum editor shared the following songs from active JYP girl groups, including TWICE’s “Signal”, “What Is Love” and “Feel Special”; ITZY’s “ICY” and “Mafia In The Morning”; and NiziU “Make you Happy”, “Step and a step” and “Take a Picture”.

Here are some of the comments made by internet users:

“The first half of the Mafia is kind of like a CardiB song style, and the second half is like a trot and it’s weird … the Mafia is just the music video, everything else is weird …”

“Apart from Signal and the Mafia, these are all my favorite songs … I don’t know NiziU well”

“Only the Mafia song itself is very different, but it sounds like a pop star song 10 years ago ..”

“I don’t know NiziU and everything is fine except for the mafia”

“Park Jin-young’s words are so bad”

“I don’t think JY Park is good at producing concept girl crush songs …”

Should JY Park just stick with creating bubble gum pop instead of girl crush? What do you think? Let us know!

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