ILY:1 made their first comeback in just 3 months with ‘Que Sera Sera’, fans say ‘a banger’

K-pop girl group ILY:1 is already back with their second album “Que Sera Sera” on July 19. Continuing with their concept of teenage crushes that fans loved when they debuted, “Que Sera Sera” is a colorful album and energetic debut comeback perfect for summer. While their debut single featured four tracks, ‘Que Sera Sera’ is a 2-track single album featuring the title track of the same name. It came out three months after the girls’ debut in April with “Love In Bloom” which took the K-pop industry by surprise as ILY:1 charted in Gaon’s top 20 and even entered the charts. iTunes charts around the world.

ILY:1 is a six-member group that debuted under FC ENM. They turned heads because four of its members are actually known faces. Members Ririka, Hayase Hana, Rona (Chang Ching), and Ara (Lee Yunji) had participated in the ambitious K-pop survival show “Girls Planet 999.” The Mnet show had then formed the first Kep1er group with the first nine winners. ILY:1 also had its own pre-debut reality show “ILY:0” which aired in February, allowing fans to get to know the girl group better. They had also been in the spotlight as one of their assignments was to cover Girls’ Generation’s “Into the New World.”

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ILY: 1 return 3 months after its debut

“Que Sera Sera” is an energetic dance-pop song with a summer concept. The clip is equally dynamic and refreshing as the girls dance around a swimming pool and show off their youthful charms in pastel outfits and hairstyles, surrounded by floral and summery accessories. The song has dreamlike elements and sounds as ILY:1 sings to make their wish come true with the power of love. The girls also found ‘Que Sera Sera’ to be meaningful to them as it shows the harmony between the multinational members.


Who are the members of ILY:1?

Nayu is the leader of the group and had also auditioned for ‘Girls Planet 999’. She is the lead singer of the group and speaks English and Japanese.

Hana is the oldest member and was part of the J-pop group Orange Latte with member Ririka. The Japanese member was a trainee for four years and is the main dancer.

Macaw was a popular trainee under CUBE and is friends with Yujin from CLC who won “Girls Planet 999” and debuted in Kep1er. Ara can play the drums and is an extrovert.

Rona is a Taiwanese member who almost joined the Taiwanese unit of popular J-pop group AKB48. She is considered the group’s mood maker.

Ririka was one of the most notable Japanese contestants on “Girls Planet 999” and advanced to the third of four elimination rounds. She knows ballet and also participated in the J-pop survival show Nizi Project.

Elva, the Taiwanese rapper is the youngest of the group. She almost participated in the survival show “My Teenage Girl” and is a fan of IU and BTS.

Watch the music video for ILY:1’s “Que Sera Sera” below.


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‘Summer Song’

ILY:1 fans were excited as they tweeted like “My ily:1 is gonna give us a banger again.” Another fan posted, “Our bridge queen is back.” One commented, “ILY1 WAS ALSO TOO GOOD, it really re-energized cute concepts from late 2nd gen to early 3rd gen if that makes sense?” Another fan added: “Sounds so good!! our girls never disappoint! One shared: “The choreography looks so fun.” Another said: “THE RETURN OF ILY1 ?? AMAZIBG SON SUMMER SONG.



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