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Hot Properties Playlist for June 2021


Change is in the air with the advent of June and the slow easing of Covid-19 restrictions in many territories, but some trends refuse to disappear from C21’s Hot Properties playlist for this month.

Crime drama has been in vogue throughout coronavirus lockdowns around the world, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Perhaps the most well-known series on the list is Line of Duty, the British Criminal Procedure that has become the observation of events in its home territory and beyond. Season six of the BBC1 show, which follows a police anti-corruption unit, is available from UK distributor ITV Studios.

Another detective show with a unique take on the detective genre is The Sketch Artist (10 × 45 ‘), a Franco-Canadian series whose protagonist is responsible for constructing an image of criminals. As the series progresses, we discover how her tragic past orients her work in the present. The Quebec distributor Attraction handles worldwide sales.

Next is the Polish series Klangor, an eight-part character-driven crime series set on the Polish-German border. From the Oscar-winning prodco Opus TV, the show is purchased by French distributor StudioCanal.

Another crime-related drama comes from Estonia in the form of the spy thriller Traitor (6 × 58 ‘). Recently picked up by distributor GoQuest Media, the series is about an Estonian who was forced to become a spy for the Russians when his country joined NATO in 2004. The series premiered in Estonia last September.

German distributor Studio Hamburg Enterprises has a crime series to offer in the form of North By North West (11 × 90 ‘). It focuses on a former police officer looking for a quiet retirement as a veterinarian – but unfortunately for him, his assistant in his new hometown dreams of solving crimes.

The latest criminal offering on this month’s playlist comes from Algeria in the form of Algiers Confidential, a French-language series in which a German policeman is assigned to the German embassy in the North African country. . Everything is fine until he falls in love with a banned Algerian lawyer. Based in Paris, About Premium Content manages worldwide sales.

The drama series Bregus / Fragile (6 × 60 ‘) is a Welsh-language thriller that debuted in March on the Welsh channel S4C. The show follows a mother and a surgeon who seem to have a perfect life until she is forced to flee her family and wonder if what she has is even real. The series is sold by Passion Distribution of London.

Another drama on the list includes Still, Life Goes On, showing the other side of crime. A man whose friend killed his sister 15 years ago finds his ex-friend’s sister, and together they face their emotions and their demons. The Japanese series is offered by Fuji Television Network.

Also from Japan, This Guy is the Biggest Mistake in My Life, which is sold by ABC Japan. In the series, a girl who works part-time for a pharmaceutical company is tricked into making the boss of the company her slave for her pleasure.

Next, the Ukrainian drama Pulse is based on the true story of Oksana Boturchuk, a five-time athletics medalist at the Paralympic Games. The 100-minute film chronicles how Boturchuk’s Olympic hopes were dashed by an accident that left her nearly blind, and how she overcame her struggles to find herself on the world stage again. Film.UA Distribution manages sales.

The final drama on June’s list is After the Bomb – Remnants of a Conspiracy, based on the book by German historian and journalist Ulrich Chaussy. A period drama revolving around the 1980 Oktoberfest bombing, the show will leave viewers wondering what changed for the better with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Bavaria Media International sells the series worldwide.

Two children’s series are on the playlist, the first being CBeebies Olobob Top, distributed by children’s specialist Cake. The animation follows three friends who live in Olobob Forest and is narrated by Stephen Mangan.

The second children’s show marks the return of an all-time favorite to Clangers, available from UK-based Jetpack Distribution. The original series ended in 1972 but was rebooted in 2015. The Clangers are mouse-like creatures that live on another planet and communicate by hissing. The show was broadcast worldwide, most recently in China.

Nostalgia is also a theme in the factual area of ​​the list. Two old-fashioned musical documentaries will take audiences back in time, the first being Before We Was We: Madness By Madness. On sale from US-based AMC Studios, the documentary features archive footage and interviews with current and former band members from one of the UK’s biggest bands.

The second musical documentary is Last Man Standing (1 × 105 ‘), which explores the role of former record director Suge Knight in the deaths of rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur in the 1990s. Knight is said to have a mixed criminal relationship with business and would have been at the center of conspiracy theories implicating him in the deaths of the two hip-hop icons. In the UK, Abacus Media Rights manages sales.

The next real stop is Bomanbridge Media’s My Childhood My Country, which tells the story of a boy growing up in the Middle East, filmed over 20 years. The film follows on from Phil Grabsky’s film The Boy Mir in 2011, and revisits Afghanistan after the defeat of the Taliban and the exodus of Western troops.

One topical item on the list is Extra Life: A Short History of Living Longer, produced for UK’s BBC4 and previously aired on PBS in the US. Sold by Cineflix Rights in the UK, the four-part film explores what humanity has learned from previous pandemics and how the experience paved the way for better medical knowledge in the future.

Autentic Distribution in Germany sells a topical article on the history of cars and our continued relationship with them. Automania (1 × 52 ‘in English) dates back 100 years to the dawn of the automobile and examines how it captured the hearts of humanity before becoming a symbol of climate change.

Another German factual contribution is offered by the German distributor ZDF Enterprises. Myths – The Great Mysteries of Mankind explores some of the world’s greatest myths: the Bermuda Triangle, King Arthur and the Yeti. Using CGI to recreate moments throughout history, the show aims to get to the bottom of the questions that have always intrigued humanity.

In a similar vein, Treasures With Bettany Hughes is a five-part social history show in which the historian discovers loot that helps tell the story of mankind through time. UK distributor DCD Rights sells the series.

Nature programming is seeing a comeback this month, with Canada’s Blue Ant Media bringing Dawn to Dusk (8 × 60 ‘) to the table. The series shows a day in the life of eight different places around the world, filmed within the time frame indicated on the tile. The series has previously featured on Blue Ant-owned streamer Love Nature.

Meanwhile, Meerkat Manor – Rise of the Dynasty returns to BBC America on June 5 and is released for sale by Banijay Rights. Narrated by Bill Nighy, the program anthropomorphizes meerkats.

Finally, two game shows are sure to attract audiences this summer. Quizness, on sale from Red Arrow Studios International in the UK, punishes applicants who know more answers than others and makes them come up with ridiculous answers. The show has previously aired on Channel 4 in the UK, hosted by comedian Tom Allen.

The last show on the list is the game show Chain Reaction, from Sony Pictures Television Formats. Chain Reaction was originally an Italian format and was reworked for the United States by Game Show Network, which began airing a new season this year, hosted by Dylan Lane. On the show, two teams compete to connect seven words together to win a cash prize.

Enjoy the Hot Properties playlist for June 2021!

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