Here’s why we think dating K pop idols isn’t that important and shouldn’t be turned into a media circus

If you’re a veteran K-pop fan, you are already aware that “dating” is a hot topic in the K-pop fandom, and if not, this article might tell you more. . Korea’s entertainment industry is perhaps one of the few industries in the world where dating and relationships go unheard of in the press and stars maintain a sacred holiness around their personal lives. In the K-pop dictionary, dating news is often referred to as a “scandal.”

To fans, who are new to K-pop, this may come as a bit of a surprise, perhaps thinking “it’s not that bad”. But long-standing K-pop stans know that a “dating scandal” can make or break your career and your public image. Idol agencies often advise foreign media not to ask any questions related to the idol’s personal life, and stars often have to write handwritten letters explaining their position if the dating “scandal” becomes a national headline! So, have you wondered why it’s like this, anyway?

The first reason is the “boyfriend / girlfriend” fantasy! K-pop idols are groomed and trained to present their best possible version to fans. Agencies often present these idols as the “perfect boyfriend or girlfriend” or as an idol who only thinks and dreams of her fandom in her spare time. This creates loyalty and attachment to the idol or group and thus contributes to eventual album sales and popularity of the group!

Now, it would be silly to assume that all K-pop fans are naive to think that their favorite idols aren’t dating or have personal lives outside of group activities. So when a “dating scandal” breaks out, what causes an extreme reaction from fans, anyway? It’s really the fact that fans heard about dating news from a “third source” (Dispatch or any paparazzi), rather than from the idol itself. In many cases, fans feel betrayed because the idol didn’t share the news herself.

To better explain it, it’s as if a fan invests his energy in a band or an idol, the fan believes that his idol will always be honest with him and that he knows everything about his life; that is, they have a certain expectation of the public conduct and expected behavior of the idol. So when dating news breaks, fans feel betrayed that they should have been the first to know about dating news and not the third medium! This feeling of “cheating” usually results in a strong reaction from fans.

Finally, another type of reaction that fans usually have is to “not get caught dating.” Many fans agree with their idols and accept it as well. However, they believe that the idol shouldn’t be “caught in a relationship” and that this news should never reach the fans, as they might not be able to accept it. A talented soloist recently confirmed dating a popular member of a girl group and in a letter to fans he wrote that “he himself would have leaked this news to fans and it is sad that they have to. to hear about it from a third party “.

So, should idols make their personal lives known or not? Well, there is no right answer to that. Everyone has the right to lead their personal lives as they see fit and it is quite understandable that the Idol would want to deny any dating news, given the serious repercussions this could have for the Idol, the group. and the label. However, it also calls for the creation of a better “fan culture” among global K-pop fans and the media, especially social media, should act more responsibly towards idols and fans.

We believe that forums and online discussions need to be regulated to some extent so as not to spit poison against idols and K-pop groups. The media circus that publishes a dating scandal is more toxic than the reactions of delusional fans too. Record companies should support the personal lives of idols and support them if dating news breaks out and not abandon them. It also serves as a “good shock” to fans when an idol voluntarily reveals that she is in a relationship. It reduces toxicity in a fandom and creates a better, healthier relationship between idols and fans.

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