Here’s what members could do next

Almost two years after their formation, K-pop girl group IZ * ONE are due to disband on April 29. The band members are set to return to their entertainment agencies, and fans are curious what each of them could do next.

The group was formed in 2018 and debuted in October of the same year after the members were regrouped as a temporary project through Mnet’s idol survival show, Produce 48.

Fans of the group might have known this was coming. However, the success of IZ * ONE in South Korea and abroad may have raised hopes that members’ contracts would be extended.

It was with the intention that WIZ * ONE (the band’s fan base) even raised nearly $ 2 million last week for the Parallel Universe Project, an initiative they hoped would allow IZ * ONE to continue. .

However, the disbandment of IZ * ONE is still ongoing, despite its winning streak. Due to the success of the group and the popularity of the individual members, many believe that the members will continue their successful careers. Read on to find out more.

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What will IZ * ONE members do next?

IZ * ONE members belong to different entertainment agencies, so their future career also depends on the agencies’ plans.

For example, Kwon Eun Bi and Kim Chae Won are represented by Woollim Entertainment, which launched the girl group Rocket Punch.

Since Woollim is one of the smallest entertainment agencies in South Korea, their frequency of launching new groups is not as high as that of the big three like SM Entertainment or YG Entertainment.

As such, Woollim might not be launching any new girl groups anytime soon, which could mean Eun Bi and Chae Won are more likely to pursue solo careers.

Lee Chae Yeon, however, could very well be part of a new girl group. Chae Yeon’s agency is WM Entertainment. Chae Yeon is already part of the pre-debut girl group, Ggumnamu, which could debut later this year.

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An Yu Jin and Jang Won Young are part of Starship Entertainment, which is soon to launch new girl group HOT ISSUE. While there is a chance that Yu Jin and Won Young could be added to the new group, it is also likely that the two could be part of an entirely different girl group or even go out as solo artists.

Jo Yu Ri is under Stone Music Entertainment, which is best known for soloists like Eric Nam and Roy Kim rather than bands, so Yu Ri could launch a solo career.

However, along with other interns such as Bae Eun Yeong and Lee Si An, who were also candidates on Produce 48 through which IZ * ONE was formed, Yu Ri could very well be part of a new girl group.

Choi Ye Na is under Yuehua Entertainment, which recently launched girl group EVERGLOW. It is quite possible that Ye Na will join EVERGLOW.

Kang Hye Won on 8D Entertainment and Kim Min Ju on Urban Works Entertainment could potentially launch their acting careers, having been the visuals for IZ * ONE.

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The eyes will be more on the members of the Japanese group IZ * ONE, who are expected to return to Japan. However, their vast popularity in South Korea has many believing that Sakura Miyawaki, Nako Yabuki, and Hitomi Honda could very well return to the K-pop industry.

Among the three Japanese members, the focus is on Miyawaki, who is said to have signed with HYBE Entertainment (formerly Big Hit) and be part of a new K-pop or J-pop girl group formed by the BTS company.

Posted on 29 April 2021, 10:46 IST

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