Here are the most followed K-Pop artists on Spotify in November: K-WAVE: koreaportal

TWICE’s Tzuyu, Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Sana

BTS frontman RM rounds out this month’s top five with 307.3,000 new Spotify subscribers.

Check out the list of the most followed K-Pop artists on Spotify for the month of November below.

# 20 SEVENTEEN by Pledis Entertainment with 137.2,000 new subscribers on Spotify (total: 6.03 million)

RBW Entertainment’s # 19 MAMAMOO with 138.4,000 new Spotify subscribers (total: 4.70 million)

# 18 Jeon Somi of The Black Label with 140.5,000 new Spotify subscribers (total: 982.57,000)

# 17 aespa of SM Entertainment with 141.5,000 new subscribers on Spotify (total: 1.13 million)

# 16 YG Entertainment’s BLACKPINK Jennie with 149,000 new Spotify subscribers (total: 1.56 million)

# 15 Rose of BLACKPINK by YG Entertainment with 183.2,000 new Spotify subscribers (total: 1.90 million)

# 14 ENHYPEN by Belift Lab with 209.6k new subscribers on Spotify (total: 2.37 million)

# 13 ITZY of JYP Entertainment with 210.2,000 new Spotify subscribers (total: 3.05 million)

# 12 Tomorrow x Together by HYBE Labels with 222.9,000 new Spotify subscribers (total: 5.00 million)

# 11 EDAM Entertainment UI with 224.1,000 new subscribers on Spotify (total: 5.90 million)

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# 10 V of BTS from HYBE Labels with 249.3,000 new subscribers on Spotify (total: 4.64 million)

# 9 August D of BTS from HYBE Labels with 266.8,000 new subscribers on Spotify (total: 6.51 million)

# 8 Jin of BTS from HYBE Labels with 267.4,000 new Spotify subscribers (total: 952.8,000)

# 7 Stray Kids by JYP Entertainment with 287.7,000 new Spotify subscribers (total: 6.18 million)

HYBE Labels’ # 6 BTS J-Hope with 287.7,000 new Spotify subscribers (total: 7.97 million)

# 5 RM of BTS from HYBE Labels with 307.3,000 new Spotify subscribers (total: 7.45 million)

YG Entertainment’s BLACKPINK # 4 Lisa with 335.4,000 new Spotify subscribers (total: 1.54 million)

# 3 TWICE by JYP Entertainment with 388.9,000 new Spotify subscribers (total: 11.39 million)

# 2 BLACKPINK by YG Entertainment with 668.7,000 new Spotify subscribers (total: 26.46 million)

# 1 BTS of HYBE Labels with 1.3 million new subscribers on Spotify (total: 41.91 million)

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