[Herald Interview] K-pop artist AleXa says single with Arab singer shows ‘mix of culture’

K-pop artist AleXa (Spotify)

With a distinctive reggaeton beat, K-pop artist AleXa and Kuwaiti-Saudi singer Bader AlShuaibi sing back and forth about their affection for each other in three different languages ​​in their new collaborative single “Is It On” .

“It’s a mixture of culture. We have the Arabic side of Bader, and then we blackmail me in Korean and English, ”AleXa said during her interview with The Korea Herald. “I tried several times to figure out what my interpretation of the song was. I thought we were having some kind of flirting fight.

The animated version of the album cover, which features characters that look like the two singers sitting atop two different buildings facing each other, also shows the theme of the song, the artist added.

A billboard placement in Times Square in New York City promotes AleXa and Kuwaiti-Saudi singer Bader AlShuaibi's new single

A billboard placement in Times Square in New York City promotes AleXa and Kuwaiti-Saudi singer Bader AlShuaibi’s new single “Is It On” on May 21. (Spotify)

“There are buildings (in the background of the cover) that are recognizable from where he lives and then buildings from where I live. So it’s a cool little combination if people catch those details, ”AleXa said.

The song, released on May 21, premiered as part of Spotify’s Radar program. Radar is a program provided by the global music streaming platform that aims to help emerging artists around the world strengthen their connection with listeners. AleXa was selected as the first Radar Korea artist and the first to participate in the cross-border collaboration program.

Cover of AleXa and Bader AlShuaibi's new single

Cover of AleXa and Bader AlShuaibi’s new single “Is It On” (Spotify)

Two teams – Radar Korea and Radar Middle East and North Africa – worked together to make the collaboration possible. The support offered by the program includes the cost of production and promotions such as placement on a billboard in Times Square in New York City as well as social media support. The track will be fully owned by the artists’ respective labels, according to Spotify.

AleXa also shared her experience using the Spotify service.

“It’s good because I’m someone who honestly struggles to find new music that I like. I tend to stick with what I listen to, ”she said.

Along with the release of the new single, dancing enthusiast AleXa also posted a short dance challenge on her TikTok account on Saturday to promote the song. The young K-pop singer said creating the dance was her team’s idea.

“I couldn’t not dance to this song. It’s in my nature. I hear a good rhythm, I dance, ”she says.

The artist also added that one of her earliest memories of how she fell in love with K-pop as a girl born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma also involved dancing.

K-<a class=pop artist AleXa and her parents (Spotify)” categoryid=”9900000000000000″ src=”http://res.heraldm.com/content/image/2021/05/27/20210527000757_0.jpg”/>

K-pop artist AleXa and her parents (Spotify)

“On a family vacation trip to Florida, I locked myself in the hotel bathroom and learned to dance ‘Change’ by HyunA, in about four hours,” she said. declared.

Towards the end of the interview, she spoke about the unique reason for her ambitions for success in Korea.

“Because my mother was adopted, I would like to try and find a family here in Korea. My mother doesn’t know anything about her family, ”she says.

AleXa believes that if she gains greater fame in Korea, her extended family or loved ones might have a better chance of recognizing and contacting her.

The K-pop artist has also spoken about his parents in the United States.

“These are my biggest pillars of support,” she said. “He (AleXa’s father) reads all of the articles from me. My parents follow everything. Even if they are in Korean, they will pass them through a translator. “

Besides the collaborative single, AleXa is gearing up for its comeback next month.

“I would say it’s a solid 180 from what people have seen. I think people are going to be very surprised. It’s colorful, ”she said of the upcoming album.

By Song Seung-hyun ([email protected])

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