Gunshots erupt during G Herbo’s performance at Clark University in Atlanta

The sound of gunshots erupted during G Herbo’s homecoming performance at Clark University in Atlanta.

According to a recently surfaced TikTok video (below), the 27-year-old Chicago native is seen enjoying himself on stage before the alleged gunshots rang out.

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The camera pans down as the participants begin to disperse. People can be heard in the background saying, ‘Get down’ and ‘stay down’.

No injuries or deaths have been reported at this time.

The father-of-three recently shared a compilation of previous interviews in an Instagram post captioned, “THIS CHAPTER ON MAINTENANCE AND RESPONSIBILITY!! YOU CAN NEVER ORDER IF YOU STILL THINK LIKE A LITTLE BOY!”

During his time on The breakfast club from this beginning of the week, the Survivor’s Remorse: Side B The artist explained what it’s like to “celebrate victories while being haunted by past traumas”. He explained the difficulties behind it, but it’s just something he has to do.

“That’s survivor’s remorse. Ten years after. That’s what I’m trying to say, Charlamagne. I never really got to celebrate my wins, for real and that’s probably why I’m so humbled because I don’t live in a moment,” Herbo said.

CAU’s reunion festivities are set to continue throughout the weekend.

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