‘Goosebumps’: NFB plans final comeback album before K-pop group enlists

K-pop group ONF made a very successful comeback with ‘Popping’ but also left fans heartbroken with a surprise announcement on November 9. The group’s two sub-unit leaders got together and informed their fan base that the five Korean members of the six-member group would be enlisting in the military together. While writing about the upcoming hiatus, they reassured fans that it was something magical.

The handwritten note from Hyojin and J-US of the NFB mentioned that after much deliberation, the six band members decided that it would be in the best interests of the fans as well as the band members to complete their military enlistment together. the same time. . This decision means that the NFB’s “enlistment era” will last only 18 months instead of dragging on for years, which would have been the case if each member had enlisted alone, one after another, leaving a gap in the group each time. Fans would face a long period of “no content” or be content with NFB musical projects without the enlisted members. The decision to enlist together was also made because the members did not want to stay away from each other for a period of more than 18 months while U, the only Japanese member of the group, remained on his own, awaiting the return of his group mates.


NFB announces return just before Korean members start joining military together

NFB drops ‘popping’ clip, fuses say ‘you can’t spell confused without onf’

The NFB also announces its next comeback

The same day the NFB made the announcement of the enlistment, they also revealed that they would be giving their fans a farewell gift in the form of a new album to savor before their return. ONF became the first K-pop group (with more than two members) to enlist and fans were extremely proud of the group’s decision. The NFB has announced the release date of its new album on November 11 and announced that it will return for the last time before taking a short hiatus.

The ONF group will release their sixth mini album titled ‘Goosebumps’ on December 3 and finally enlist in the military after promoting the album at various musical performances. On November 20, WM Entertainment, the label that runs the group released the first group photo for the upcoming release. The band members stand out with brand new hair colors as they appear to wear colorful, unique and casual outfits.

NFB members for “Goosebumps”

NFB members redefine duality as members look gentle while giving off intensity while looking at the camera. The six members also appeared in solo photos that were posted with the concept of “SPACETIME,” raising the question of fans if the NFB was on a mission to travel to space for their next album. The music video for ‘Popping’ left fans in awe on the last comeback as fans wondered how the album which has been described as “happy” with a summery bop vibe turned out to be so extreme with everyone on the band. potentially dying group in the story featured in the clip.

This time around, fans expect some questions from the “Popping” era to be answered as “Goosebumps” is set to release soon. The band released their comeback schedule which revealed the band will be teasing the new album throughout November and finally releasing a special song for fans on the same day the album releases on December 3 at 6 p.m. KST (4 p.m. ET).

NFB for ‘goosebumps’ (@ wm_onoff / Twitter)

The rise of the NFB

The year 2021 has been truly remarkable for the NFB, which rose to the top of the main national music charts with the title track ‘Popping’ from their album of the same title which was released in August of this year. The album took # 1 right after release while the music video for ‘Popping’ hit 10 million views within two days of release. Not only that, but the song also took No. 2 in Billboard’s “Global Digital Song Sales” and came in at number one on iTunes’ local “Global Song Boards” and “K-Pop Song Boards” during seven days.

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