FuelCell – FuelCell – 5 Canadian companies supplying hydrogen for buses, cars and trains | Zoom Fintech | Zoom Fintech

FuelCell – FuelCell – 5 Canadian companies supplying hydrogen for buses, cars and trains | Zoom Fintech

FuelCell – 5 Canadian companies supplying hydrogen for buses, cars and trains |

Hydrogen fuel cell buses, trains and heavy-duty vehicles powered by the Canadian experience help reduce emissions from automobiles around the world. Arguably the next step is to fully deploy the experience in Canada. Gasoline cars match the wide range and quick refueling demanded by prospects, with zero emissions. Mercedes Benz recognized the work done in Canada and established its fuel cell manufacturing plant in Vancouver. Closed by Whistler, considered one of the world’s first zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell buses, traveled over 1,000,000 miles.

Canada’s fuel cell bus strategies are used to reduce automotive emissions, working in Europe, Brazil, China and America. Here are profiles of 5 Canadian companies that are running hydrogen in smart capacities now.

Ballard Vitality applications

Ballard Vitality Applications is recognized as a world leader in clean energy hydrogen fuel cells. Ballard’s merchandise can be up-to-date in a selection of buses, trains, and heavy automotive capacities.

Ballard offers FCveloCity® engine modules to heavy vehicle manufacturers for integration into buses, automobiles and light trains, ready for deployment in industrial fleets. Gasoline cell-powered electric buses powered by Ballard’s FCveloCity® engine modules have covered more than 10 million kilometers (6.2 million miles) of chargeable service. and have been deployed in buses in 15 countries on 5 continents. FCveloCity® provides up to 200 kilowatts of power for railway capacities and is designed and tested according to railway necessities. Ballard engine modules are currently powering the first hydrogen fuel cell-powered fixed rail electric tram in China.

An articulated bus powered by Ballard in Germany

Newflyer Xcelsior CHARGE H2 ™ is a battery-powered electric automobile that uses compressed hydrogen as its power source. The gasoline electric cell experiment is a singular and fashionable resolution to pay money for long range operation identical to current transport cars with very zero emission response. > www.newflyer.com

Canadian bus producer The New Flyer hydrogen bus in Ottawa-Hull


Hydrogenics in Mississauga, recently acquired by Cummins Diesel, plays a central role in decarbonizing transportation on the world stage. Hydrogenics has been selected by ALSTOM, the global head of rail transport, to provide the fuel cell experience for Coradia iLint regional trains in Germany. Fuel cell power modules for Coradia iLint are manufactured at Hydrogenics head office in Mississauga. The world’s first Hydrail trains (powered by a zero emission fuel cell), powered by Hydrogenics fuel cell power modules, started profit service in 2018 and another 39 could be running on track by now 2020. As the demand for Hydrail strategies increases worldwide, the prospects for monetary improvement and employment widen accordingly.

Alstom’s hydrogen locomotives are deployed in the UK

Dana Canada

Dana Holding Firm is a multinational producer of auto parts. Dana Canada uses the capabilities of its Vitality Utilized Sciences group to develop and supply fuel cell parts for strategy integrator perspectives – in the mobility, small stationary and mobile markets.

Dana is involved in the development of half of the fuel cells at its Oakville development center in Dana Canada.

Loop energy

Loop Energy offers zero-emission energy strategies for major truck and bus producers who want to buy an edge and get rid of toxic diesel from metropolitan environments. Loop works with freight and bus owners to design and ship scalable carbon-free transportation choices using all the sciences used by electric and hydrogen fuel cells. Loop powertrains offer superior efficiency to conventional diesel engines at an aggressive cost of ownership, without subsidies.

A current 18-wheel hydrogen highway testing course in Alberta

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