Five Guys allegedly sent mass emails to its N-Word customers

Fast food chain Five Guys has found itself embroiled in controversy after an alleged mass email was sent that labeled customers N-word.

The email was allegedly sent around 9/11 and screenshots of it began circulating on social media soon after. In screenshots that have surfaced on social media, the message reads, “Hi N-word, welcome to Five Guys online ordering!”

It then ends by telling the customer that the chain is looking forward to serving them good food and if there are any questions, it gives them a link to contact them.

The post sparked outrage from many due to its content. A person took Twitter after receiving the message to say: “@Five guys send this on patriot day? ? How many other black people have received this message? I never signed up to receive emails!!!”

Another person asked if they were to sue the company for the use of the N-word.

Someone else then clarified that the messages were indeed sent by the service that fulfills online orders.

“And if you thought it was spam, the email address is from the service providing the online orders,” they added. said.

Another Twitter user seemed to confirm what the previous person had said in to add: @Five guys so this is what we are doing now…..received this today in my email…..yes this is legit and linked to your online page.”

The outrage was so severe that it prompted Five Guys to respond to the charges.

“Unfortunately, accounts have been created using emails like yours with profane language replaced with the customer’s name. Our IT team is investigating the source of this malicious activity. Five Guys strives to be an inclusive place and we in no way condone the use of language like that,” they said in a Tweeter.

At the time of reporting, it is currently unclear how many people received the email and if there was any action other than tracing the source of the activity.

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