First there was K-pop, K-beauty and K-drama, now canine comes to retail with Lotte Duty Free

SOUTH KOREA. Lotte Duty Free took advantage of an explosion consumer tendency to own pets and treat them like family by partnering with Bowraum premium dog hotel to help dog-loving customers stress-free travel and duty-free shopping.

Bowraum is a dog-only hotel that provides comprehensive care services such as education, play, and beauty care to dogs while their owners are away.

The “Pet + Family” phenomenon now affects more than 15 million people, Lotte Duty Free said. A quarter of South Koreans have pets, he noted.

Any Lotte Internet Duty Free member can get a 20% discount coupon on Bowraum fares after logging in. The Affiliate Event will run for one year from today (September 27) and discount coupons can be redeemed within one year from the date of issue.

Additionally, Bowraum VIP customers can receive up to $ 140 in affiliate money depending on the purchase amount when using Lotte Internet Duty Free.

Lotte Duty Free showcases clothing, bath products, food and nutrition through pet brands such as Seaspan, Monshu, and Genie Pet, reflecting the needs of pet-loving customers. The tour operator plans to expand its partnership with other pet brands.

Lotte Duty Free Chain Operations Team Leader Kang Byung-kook said, “We hope this promotion will help Lotte Duty Free customers leave their pets with peace of mind and enjoy their pets. trips. “

Worried that your dog will be pining for you while you are traveling? Fear not, Lotte Duty Free and Bowraum are here. {Photo: main LOC canine on a lead – Mickali Whispering Wind}

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