Faye Webster on “I know I’m funny haha”

Faye Webster on “I know I’m funny haha”

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June 25, 2021

Photograph by Pooneh Ghana
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On the eve of the release of his latest album Secretly Canadian, I know I’m funny haha (out today), and with a fall tour on the horizon, you’ll have to forgive Atlanta’s Faye Webster for having more pressing issues on her mind. Aside from his musical and songwriting skills, which came to fruition on his groundbreaking 2019 album, Atlanta Millionaires Club, Webster is known to have a myriad of other talents. Published photographer and yo-yo master, Webster’s current obsession is to conquer ping pong and defeat his nemesis and real partner, Booth. “Yeah, honestly, we’re too excited about that because we play all day until 2am. But then it’s like, ‘Dude, we have to stop. We have the table, it’s not going anywhere, ”shared Webster.

Flash back a few months, and Webster took on another challenge by filming the video for banging I know I’m funny haha single, “to health”. The song’s accelerated engine and crisp synths sound atypical for Webster, but lent themselves well to a video filled with dirt bike jumps, extended wheelies, and street racing on ATVs. “On the first day of shooting the video, I was like, ‘I’m just going to pose with it,’” Webster says of off-road motorcycles. “And on the third day, I was riding it with everyone. It was so much fun. ”Webster admits she keeps the wheels of her bike firmly to the ground, but has achieved the level of mastery needed to lead a group of other more experienced riders through the beats in the video.

In a hurry to turn her attention to I know I’m funny haha, Webster reveals that half of the album was recorded before the pandemic, with the rest written and recorded over the past year. Webster explores a few different sounds on the album, with new musicians and guests on board, but the album mostly retains the woozy groove that defined Atlanta Millionaires Club (AMC as she calls it) apart from the crowd of singers / songwriters. There’s no doubt that Webster has a knack for taking an everyday moment or thought and turning it into an insightful and fun verse. In “Cheers,” Webster takes a playful photo of Booth (who has his own Atlanta-based band, Danger Incorporated). The lyrics complain, “I love your songs, even if they’re not about me.”

“We had just started dating when he released the album, so of course none of the songs are about me,” admits Webster with a laugh. “But it was a real feeling and I’m sure it happens to so many other people.”

With a new drummer on board for I know I’m funny haha in Harold Bowen, Webster’s backing band sounds more locked up than ever. And she explains that she loves magic to come together organically in the studio. “I don’t like to think about this stuff before entering [the studio], “she said.” The more time we spend plotting what it should look like, the less precise it is. ”

Atlanta Millionaires Club had the father of the hip-hop artist from Atlanta, but on I know I’m funny haha Webster’s guest singer has sent her contribution to the other side of the world. The Japanese songwriter, mei ehara’s contribution to the album’s last track, “Overslept”, adds masterfully to the barely awake vibe of the song. “I just found out about his music through Spotify and started to obsess. We sent pieces of the song during the pandemic, ”says Webster.

In keeping with his long list of outside interests, Webster is also an avid Atlanta Braves baseball fan. And over the past few years, his love for the team has been reinforced with the addition of Rookie of the Year and early-career All-Star Ronald Acuña, Jr. The outfielder is still going strong. and is the subject of I know i’m funny‘s “A dream with a baseball player”. While Webster has little hope of replacing Bad Bunny on Acuña’s drop-in songlist, Jr. “I feel like most drop-in songs have a lot more energy. she jokes, but Booth can rest on Webster’s obsession on the court. Booth makes an appearance in the song’s video as a cigarette-smoking outfielder and Acuña, Jr. is nowhere to be found. After all, keeping friends close and staying real is no laughing matter.


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