Fans of K-pop group TWICE were quick to spot Easter eggs in the group’s latest comeback, Talk That Talk

And just like that, they’re back! TWICE officially launched their new era with the release of their 11th mini album, Between 1&2 and there’s a lot to unpack, most notably in the album’s title track.

Fans knew this album would be TWICE’s most personal as it is their first group album since their contract renewal and the girl group did not disappoint. In fact, the girl group cleverly named the album Between 1&2, because Easter Eggs can only be spotted by Ounces and Twice! Before going any further, take a look at their music video:

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice many Easter eggs referencing TWICE’s journey into Speak this speakthe video clip of. From dates to lyrics, fans immediately realized what the girl group was inspired by.

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One of the main Easter eggs was a QR code! The music video’s final scene featured a QR code, prompting a nostalgic throwback to TWICE’s Instagram account. The linked Instagram post was from November 3, 2015, when TWICE officially announced their fandom name, ONCE. Check out the throwback post here:

Also, in the music video, member Jeongyeon used the fandom name announcement date as the password. In addition to that, fans also spotted their debut, first fan meeting, first concert, and first music show victory dates throughout the Speak this speak Musical clip!

TWICE’s first date makes another appearance, this time alongside a candy bong, TWICE’s official lightstick and 9 hearts that symbolize all members.

Fans also realized that TWICE referenced some of their old songs, such as yes or yes and More and more, in the words of Talk it over.

Additionally, the girl group has included their Scientific music video in their new song.

Meanwhile, the nine members of TWICE, who debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2015, recently renewed their contracts with the company. Additionally, TWICE member Nayeon made his solo debut with IM NAYEON in June this year.

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