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Fresh out of their single ‘The light’, FAKY just dropped a new track!

Entitled ‘Happy until the end of time’, J-pop group explores life after heartache and the path forward. In a member’s statement Taki, she shares, “HappyEverAfter” is all about finding happiness after heartache. When I shared my feelings with Lil ‘Fang about what happened to me, I wanted to make sure she knew it even though I was hurt and even though I was going through a tough time, the only thing i want for this person is happiness. I haven’t had my “happiness forever” but I know others have and it fills my heart. “

Along with the new single, FAKY released a clip inspired by the Japanese reality show. Don’t be fooled by the wolf. Much like the meaning of the song, the music video sees the members recalling a past relationship and wanting to be happy.

“HappyEverAfter” is the band’s second single of the year. In a previous interview with The moving train, FAKY revealed that there are many releases slated for 2021.

We are experimenting with new genres and sounds and can’t wait to share all of these ideas with everyone. We are also writing more and more of our own lyrics, so we look forward to sharing those stories as well, ”says FAKY.

Watch the music video for FAKY’s ‘HappyEverAfter’ here.

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